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GameSpot Reviews – Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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  1. The story is what makes this more than a great game. I spent maybe 70hrs on
    the Director’s Cut because I took my time and read everything and talked to
    everyone to connect the dots as I played. I even wrote copious notes
    capturing every little detail. The ideas and stories in this game are far
    richer and more intelligent than what it gets credit for sadly.

  2. one of the best games ever made

  3. You look like Steve Jobs

  4. Should I buy this game for 5 dollars? I love stealth games.

  5. I’m going to buy it today!!!

  6. Reminds me of when you’re a low level in fallout and you gotta sneak past
    people and rely on quick saves, which I like. But I think the augmentations
    could be a little better. Still good though

  7. This game is REALLY good guys

  8. Still…two months after posting this, I stand behind my statement that
    Deus Ex: Human Evolution has THE best soundtrack of any game ever…

  9. UpliftingMelodies

    the real Deus Ex the original the first game was unbelievable this one not
    very much the ladder shines wtf 

  10. The only thing I didn’t like about this game were the bosses. They just
    felt completely out of place and they were also very frustrating. Other
    than that though I loved every minute of it. Great game!

  11. picked this up for £1.99 with the DLC unused such a great game 

  12. The gameplay, visual aesthetic and music are goddam amazing, but this game
    dominates story above everything else. The writer’s take on an
    augment-powered future is extremely compelling, and their treatment of the
    subject is incredibly thorough (what’s government’s role? what’s the
    media’s role? what’s industry’s role? how does the tech affect the economy?
    how does it affect social lives? how does it affect international politics?
    what happens to love?). Then, this game executes the story perfectly in
    order to put some really, really fascinating thoughts in the player’s head.


    I’m especially impressed with the way they make the player experience
    augmentation. You die in the beginning, so you’re forced into it. You see
    how it can save a life before the story really even kicks off. Then, you’re
    given choices with implications that range all the way from white to black,
    so you can see what options are available to someone with your power. Then,
    at the near peak of your power fantasy, you’re potentially tricked into
    sabotaging yourself with the “upgrade chip.” The revelation that, no matter
    how powerful you feel as a cyber human, your body is still potentially
    under the control of the company who created it is really, really
    fascinating stuff.

  13. Too bad on PS3 slim, the game never fucking works!!!!!! Holy fucking God…
    and this is a common problem with a bunch of people too. And it really
    sucks, because I got about 10 hours into it, and it’s pretty much my
    favorite game, and now it freezes 5 minutes into the game at the longest,
    if I can even make it five minutes. Thanks guys! Your game is great! -.-

  14. seriously guys i dont know about you… but my point of view don’t buy
    it…. the game is so poorly built i mean the interface… you dont even
    know what to do in the game… they give you missions but it is extremely
    painstaking to find out how to do it… they give you side missions once
    you are out side in detroit and that is also so difficult to find out how
    to finish the mission….. even a single fire alerts so many gun mens for
    no reason… they are alarmed as if we hit them… and in a sec you are
    killed…. then coming to loading last saved game you wont know where you
    will land…. really really frustrating it is difficult to enjoy the
    game… just into the first 3 missions i couldnt figure out i got so bored
    and frustrated i wrote this comment…. it is not that i am a rookie in
    first person shooter but this game frustrates…. seriously i wouldn’t
    write a comment so long…. i dont know why so many are saying the game is
    good??? the interface and interaction of character with the game is so poor
    it frustrates you… you will lost in such a small detroit map and cant
    figure out a way through the game… i would rather play black ops 2 for
    10th time rather than this…

  15. This game is amazing. Stealth/RPG perfection.

  16. Best soundtrack of the year…easily. Maybe ever. I actually dl’ed the
    soundtrack just to listen to in my leisure time.

  17. Just picked it up today definitely worth your time!! 

  18. This is a brilliant game which really brings back connections to its
    predecessor, the masterpiece of Deus ex….

    The only elements I regret missing is water interaction and complexity
    (although its a hard move with auto rehealing and recharging of modern

  19. No problems with this game. Perfect game. Amazing. All the flaws are just
    net pics that really don’t matter because the game is great. The only bad
    thing about this game is the boss fights. But oh well. They’re actually not
    that bad because I enjoy having the challenge every once in awhile. I think
    it keeps the pace going good that makes you struggle a little bit.

  20. I freakin LOVE this game soo much!!!!!

  21. But play the game and you will soon realize that the Creators somehow think
    people will still smoke cigarettes and this time period and answering
    machines and home phones will be popular. Really now?

  22. The graphics were awesome! Wtf Kevin 

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