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Metroid Fusion Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

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  1. We get it people, you hate Nintendo for whatever arbitrary reason, we also
    get that you can emulate these games, but I don’t care, there is nothing
    wrong with Nintendo or other companies re-releasing their classic legacy
    content for those that want to play them legitimately, whether it’s for the
    first time or a chance to relive it. Yes, Nintendo should also be focusing
    on new content and they are trying, but lets face it most of you hateful
    morons are willing to hate them regardless, that goes for all fan boys. 

  2. This classic is gonna fit in nicely right next to Super Metroid in my Wii U
    VC collection :-)

  3. holycrapjesusman

    This is nice and all, but it’s really pointless. Sometimes Nintendo fills
    me with joy, and other times they make me want to facepalm my skull in
    half. This game is good, but honestly this can be emulated on an android
    phone, which is easier and more convenient. What they need to do is release
    Gamecube games on the Eshop. Or at LEAST N64 games! This GAMEBOY title
    should be getting released on the 3DS! Not the Wii U! Nintedo! PLEEAAASEEE!
    Also, I want a squeal to Wind Waker and/or Super Mario SUNSHINE.

  4. Yeah coz this is what the Wii U needs right now…i give up on Nintendo, i
    really do. Hey people, you want Metroid Fusion?…it takes 2 seconds to
    download along with a GBA emulator…done!

  5. I have it on the 3DS so I won’t really buy this.

  6. I wish GBA games could be ported to the 3DS. I think that they would be
    better on a handheld rather than the WiiU! Especially this and Zero Mission
    considering they’re pretty expensive to buy on cartridge anyways /:

  7. One of the scariest games I’ve ever played. That feeling of being stalked
    is too much. I love it 🙂 

  8. Awesome. This is the series that started it all for me :3

  9. Now give us Zero Mission and a 16bit remake of Metroid II and I’ll be
    forever happy! =D

  10. this game is awesome 

  11. Best Metroid in my opinion <3

  12. I never played Metroid Fusion ’cause I never had a GBA, and I’m glad I’ll
    finally be able to play it!

  13. Emulators>VC

  14. So.. PS store releases ps games on ps3.. they’re god. Nintendo releases GBA
    games for Wii U.. they’re morons. Fanboys and their logic.

  15. I hear this games going to be 480p and 20Fps on XB1

  16. When I first saw the title I thought ‘Finally, Nintendo are making a new
    Metroid :D’
    I was quickly dissapointed :(

  17. Tyrell Shewaybick

    How’d the scientists get around in the game?

  18. this is pathetic
    i can emulate this on my phone ffs, srsly, what’s the point?

  19. Dayum need a wii u now

  20. About time 🙂
    Now we just wait for HD remake

  21. @javiskatezone ur phone doesn’t have hardware controls. Play on a touch
    screen blows

  22. awesome

  23. Scopetactics The Welsh

    I really hope this comes out for the 3DS, I loved this game.

  24. Wii U… but not 3Ds… :(

  25. Why is this game on the Wii U? Would be better on the 3DS.

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