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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Sony PSP Review –

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  1. ThatGuyWhoCouldn'tComeUpWithAnOriginalUsernameSoHeMadeAnOverlyLongOneInAnAttemptToBe"Ironic"


  2. Loved this game, I wish there were more elements from this game in Peace
    Walker – both great games though.

    The Metal Gear Acid card game series were good too if totally different.
    The 3D goggles in Acid were a great touch but I suspect you may lose an eye
    like Big Boss if you were to use them too much.

  3. I’ve only played portable ops plus

  4. such a good game

  5. This game was way better than peace walker. All the boss fights were
    playable characters. That’s not going to be the case with MGSV.

  6. The controls for this should’ve/could’ve been
    Mgs2 camera
    Left stick-move
    D-pad-sneak walk
    Square-use weapon/drag body
    Triangle-action button
    X-crouch/crawl/crouch walk/roll
    R1-first person view
    L1-menu select item
    When you get an enemy in choke hold you can drag them and interrogate them
    holding up on d-pad, the controls for this are terrible but it’s still a
    great game

  7. Jeff Haynes pees his pants

  8. I’m looking forward to playing it.

  9. The game is canon, and it is not needed to understand the story. Kojima
    intentionally In Peace Walker made Kaz say, “Lets forget about everything
    the happen in Portable Ops.” 

  10. The reviewer is pretty bad at this game.

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