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5 Reasons to Buy a Nintendo Wii U in 2014 – An In-Depth Review

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  1. Raymond Strazdas

    New video! Want to know what makes Nintendo’s Wii U such a special console?
    Here are my TOP 5 reasons as to why you should not overlook the Wii U and
    pick one up as soon as possible! #nintendo #nintendowiiu #wiiu #top5
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  2. great i’ll but a wii u 😀 now 

  3. Your reviews are really good, you should have more subscribers!

  4. This is i why i want the wii u over the ps4, xbox one and pc. And its

  5. My 5 reasons for owning a Wii U.

    1. Games
    2. Games
    3. Games
    4. Games
    5. Did I mention games?

  6. You missed the modern classic game Bayonetta 2. It’s a must-have system
    owning title that everyone should play right now. The game is simply
    stunning in every way :-)

  7. Those are 5 solid reasons, but with a gaming PC you can get emulators as
    well and be able to play more graphic intensive games, so I’m on the spot

  8. I just noticed you subscribed to me lol thanks ! 

  9. The biggest con is lack of 3rd party developer games

  10. I personally like the Wii U because its got more fun games. People always
    say PS4/XBONE are superior because of hardware, but that’s not the case.
    Name 5 “FUN” exclusives on the PS4 out right now. Infamous, Last of us, and
    thats it. Wii U: Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors,
    Windwaker HD, Bayonetta 2. I could keep going, but I still am making my
    point. It also appeals to more people, with family friendly games, and
    violent games alike, the Wii U has it all.

  11. I want one SO badly!! ^^ I got the chance to play it at my local Target
    store and adored it!!

  12. Awesome video! I personally like the wii u because of all the awesome games
    like Super Smash Bros, Mario kart 8 etc. 

  13. Thanks

  14. I just ordered Wii U, god, now i’m impatient

  15. Just got my Wii U…. It’s Amazing!

  16. Getting one for christmas 😀 cant wait!!!

  17. When the Wii U came out I thought it was just a updated Wii and thought it
    was not worth buying. And then I bought a PS4 and yeah it is a great gaming
    system but I found myself bored with it simply because of it lacks fun
    games. I find myself playing Rayman more than anything else on the PS4. And
    I see a trend of new games coming out that have to be patched all the time
    but I have not heard of Nintendo games needing these day one patches. The
    SNES was my very first system and I loved it because of Donkey Kong and
    Mario and I always find myself looking for that great experience on other
    systems and they just can’t deliver. Now I wish I would’ve gotten a Wii U
    instead. Don’t get me wrong PS and Xbox are good systems but they just
    don’t have the fun games like Nintendo.

  18. I love my wii u and I bought it just for mk8 and smash bros, I’m also
    hoping for a metroid game in the future

  19. My number 1 reason would be the Virtual Console. People need to know that
    Wii U’s virtual console is fantastic and more games are coming up soon.

  20. Mario Kart 8 FTW!!! =D

  21. You gave 10 good reasons to get a Wii U, I’m sold!

  22. I guess this is a comment

    I have the wii u next to my xbox one and the size difference is

  23. aaronthestormtrooper

    Honestly I got burned out playing PlayStation and Xbox. I want something
    different, something fresh, and once again different. I look forward to
    buying a Wii U! Thanks for the encouragement into getting one man!

  24. WrestlingWizards

    Awesome dude! I hope I get one for christmas!!

  25. Hi, I really like your video, I think you miss Bayonetta. Can I take your
    vídeo and put in it spanish subs? I’m from Colombia. 

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