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Top 5 Laptop Cooling Pads 2014 (Gaming)

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  1. #4 is a really good cooling pad. One Big fan is enough. i think the cons
    should be its too loud at medium speed. this cooling pad keeps my laptop at
    68C at max even while playing games at medium mix with high settings.
    without it, the temperature would be about 78C to 80C.

  2. thanks for the advice

  3. The targus one is garbage i have one and the second fan went in a week the
    the cable gets kinda ripped also if i render a video my i7 4700mq will
    still reach 100 Degrees Celcius i usually have to turn the cpu max to 95%
    but for overclocking the gpu at 1200mhz on my gt 740m it will keep it under
    90 deg C and the gpu doesn’t have a fan

  4. Sup man,i am thinking off turbo boosting my notebooks gpu(technically is
    overclocking),which coolerpad will you recommend?

  5. wich one is better?
    COOLERMASTER NotePal X3 or the
    i mean the x3 has one big fan but the t5 has five fans so can anybody help
    me to choose?

  6. Melvern Soelaiman

    13 idiots carelessly let their laptop BURN their house down.

    no kidding, it can.

  7. Lol , tell me where can i find the Cooler master notePal x3 for this
    price? On amazon is over 60 GBPounds !

  8. Łukasz Piotrowski

    +Techo536 What do You think about Enermax Aeolus Pure ?

  9. Thanks for this video. I have a Lenovo y40 laptop. Can you suggest a good
    cooling pad for the same?

  10. Gaming cooling pads need 5 fans, at least 3 fans.

  11. notepal u3 plus is better than number 1

  12. Just wanted to know what size does #2 fit? Also is the adjustable hight
    really good? 

  13. some of these are pretty old and no longer sold/made any more .. some only
    available in the US 

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