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PS4 Playstation 4 Sticker SKIN Install / Review

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  1. why not just get a white ps4?

  2. If I wanted to remove the skin, will it leave any sticky residue on the

  3. What is your website?I what to order a skin for my ps4. 

  4. getting this in brushed gold on payday

  5. urgent, please help mine is unsticking here and there. what should I do? 

  6. the ps4 sticker install looks easier than the xbone sticker install

  7. apart from the music this is much better at x2 speed

  8. Miranda Acero Xavier

    Pk ne pas l acheter en blanc ?????? Crétin 

  9. is there any where I can find a white skin for the ps4 but with the bottom
    because mine is on a stand

  10. This is what I got a straight up white nothing on it. But I got a
    controller skin that looks so badass. x3


    I bought a ps4 skin from ebay for 18 AUD and im scared is my ps4 gonna
    wreck or i nah 

  12. Name of the track??

  13. I have a question… I was wondering how much does it cost and Wats the
    website for it… Cuz I bought the white ps4 and I don’t want it to get

  14. the way this guy is putting on the skin has a high risk of bubble formation
    due to dust and lint collection. I prefer the other way where they usually
    only uncover a small section of the skin for proper alignment and then
    slowly uncover the rest by removing the wax layer from underneath.

  15. Hello!

    I have a playstation 4 and bought an adhesive skin for the same protection
    against dust.

    I wonder if this skin can cause overheating in the console?

    have a problem?

  16. can you do a review of the carbon one with matt blue?

  17. Hi, there
    do U only have matt ?

  18. can i remove it if i want ?! i think this is not good

  19. My PS4 is all scratched up and looks so bad.I am gonna buy a skin asap

  20. PsYc TrickShot Clan

    Can it be removed once its done?

  21. do you have any for xbox one if u do can u please send me a link.

  22. Hello my friend where can i buy this skin??and how much does it cost??

  23. if I attempted to cover my PS4…I can see myself FU*KING it up! I’m not
    feeling this Psyco Ward white cover, but I’ve seen some really good
    covers…I might try it one day when I’m feeling I have the patience to
    place the stickers on correctly.

  24. this look so badass

  25. Christopher Allen

    I kinda liked the way it looked with the white on the bottom half and black
    on the top….hmmmm, I NEED MOAR MONIES!!

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