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Def Jam: Icon PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. I don’t like def jam Ps3 because the fight is not a real effect caused
    explosions finger movements.
    I like def jem fight for ny PS2, becaus real fight.

  2. aperturesciencegames

    I got it for 3 pounds
    its a fucking insult to FFNY
    Def jam, listen, you want money?

  3. Kadeem The Dream

    Ugh, this game is bad. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus lol. Wtf this
    shit graphics engine and art design? 

  4. Def jam:Vendetta was good, Def Jam:Fight for ny was the best, this game was

  5. suck game ever icon fock off 

  6. MisterJonesification

    A game so horrible that I recently picked it up for 9 bucks. I know it
    sucks, and it singlehandedly killed the once excellent def jam games.

  7. Thank you IGN, I almost considered getting this game.

  8. This game sucked so much. But goddamn, it was entertaining when you got a
    few friends playing it with you.

  9. Fight for ny was the best I would even play an hd remake

  10. I had alot of fun with this game, i feel it would be better without the def
    jam label and instead have rappers from multiple labels, more maps and a
    few other things could be improved. Its my least favourite def jam game but
    i still liked it and would be intrested on what a sequel would be like

  11. Platypus of Death

    The thing that made FFNY so good was that they could have taken all the
    references to Def Jam and rap in general out of the game completely and it
    still would have been a solid game. It attracted people who don’t even like
    rap. Icon, however, is all about the music, and that’s the biggest problem
    with it. As far as it have pretty graphics, who cares about the graphic if
    the game sucks. No matter how much you polish a turd it’ll still be a turd.

  12. Sherrie Brewster

    This game sucked big time, no blazing moves, movement felt sluggish and
    slow motion. In battle graphics were Urgh

  13. I feel bad for whoever picked this piece of shit up after I threw it out
    the window

  14. fight for ny was the best and always will be

  15. this game will never be entertaining like the one on ps2. fight for NY.

  16. Wooow, i forgot about this game. I got this on a demo disc and played the
    shit out of it.

  17. ripoutyourprejudice

    Liked the first game more, but this is pretty darn underrated among
    fighting games.

  18. Fight for new york was better 

  19. there probably not even gonna make another icon because fight for ny had a
    cliffhanger ending and this piece of crap came out


  21. yea the game sucks compared to the other def jams but on its ownf its kinda

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