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Nintendo DS Unboxing

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  1. Cristina LaGennusa

    Oh my god i never knew the original one looked so much like the game boy..
    because when i got it first it was a ds lite. i still have it and on my
    birthday i’m gonna get a nintendo 3ds XL

  2. electric blue ds is the ds i want

  3. The “Nintendo DS” Is pretty much a score? I guess I can say that now…
    $39.99 On gamestop.com.

  4. Actually the DS Lite did have the PictoChat feature. My kids had one and I
    had the original and we used to PictoChat with each other all the time lol.

  5. Also I missed my original DS so I just ordered one off of eBay today. It’s
    the same color as yours and I can’t wait to play it.

  6. Cant wait until christmas!!!

  7. Sargent Muffle Buns

    I’m getting one of those for Christmas 

  8. christopher felix

    u have an r4

  9. Flash card! BUSTED!

  10. I never owned a DS or any DS for that matter.

  11. how much WERE those things that time NEW

  12. Good design better than most other handhelds

  13. I would like to thank you for the unboxing. Because of that it made me
    rethink of the day bought the same one and exact colour.

  14. only one question mate, why are you reviewing/unboxing such an old system

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