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Nintendo 3DS Ramble, I mean review

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  1. It’s weird, anytime I’ve ever been to see a 3D film at the flicks, I’ve
    never been able to see the 3D effects, but with anything else 3D, such as a
    3D television or that weird 3D haunted house ride I went on in a theme park
    once, I can see the 3D with no problems whatsoever. Has anyone else
    experienced this or similar?

    Also, I’ve just noticed that 3D sideways looks like a woman wearing large

  2. Does anyone know of any good reviews that go into the features of the
    system rather than just focusing on the basics and 3D mode? See, I’m
    getting a 2DS really soon, so I’ve been looking up videos about it. I tried
    finding 2DS reviews but almost all of them are really simple. “Oh it’s a
    3DS but 2D, and there’s 2-3 tiny differences, that’s it.” That doesn’t help
    me at all. And almost every 3DS review I see, they spend a lot of time on
    the 3D mode, and very little time actually going into the console, making a
    Mii, testing the features to a good extent, etc.

    Not saying anything bad about this video, it wasn’t bad, but I’d like to
    find MORE videos too that’d be worth watching for someone getting a 2DS.

  3. Dennis Fluttershy

    Funny thing: Nintendo’s first claims was that kids under 7 years of age;
    their vision couldn’t handle 3D and would hurt them. (But our whole world
    is in 3D) (1:15)

    EDIT: To clarify what I’ve said… which a lot of people has misunderstood:
    Most kids under 7 years old can see 3D; that’s how human eyes works.
    Nintendo said that kids under 7 years old can hurt their eyes by seeing
    3D… but they’re seeing 3D all the time!!
    I know they’re meaning their 3D effect on the 3DS… but it wasn’t what
    they said. That’s what I’m talking about.

  4. Since the advent of the internet the points system is anything but
    worthless, I’ve actually downloaded full games for free, hey, if you’re
    gonna be buying games for the console anyway there’s no harm in redeeming
    the codes and getting some free shit, right?

  5. Ashens, why do you take anything and call it crap? I thought that the 3DS
    was pretty good. If you want to review things, you should at least find ONE
    thing you like!


  6. 7.5 hours for 2D you say? Does that mean the 2DS would have the same 7.5
    hours of battery life? It’s fairly obvious, but I figured I’d ask just in
    case. I’m getting a 2DS in a few days, and would like to know an accurate
    battery life for it, and all I keep hearing is “the same as the 3DS”.

    Also, I found out about the whole registering products to get points to buy
    e-things, which sounds like a good idea. But I wish they would give you
    enough points when you buy a CONSOLE, to at least get a single nes virtual
    console game. A 2DS only gets you 100 points. The cheapest NES game I saw
    was 150, and it wasn’t one I’d even want. I’m buying your goddamn console,
    the least you could do is give me an extra 50 points for a single virtual
    console game.

    Also, I wish the 2DS came with a docking thing, rather than just the cord.
    Not really NEEDED, but it’d be nice. I like the fact that the 2DS is quite
    a bit cheaper, but I keep getting more and more disappointed seeing just
    how much cheaper it is. Cheap plastic stylus, mushy buttons using a rubber
    membrane instead of proper clicky buttons, doesn’t come with the docking
    station, and doesn’t even come with a cheap $5 case to keep the screen safe
    since it can’t fold up. Less money is good, but damn. If they’re going for
    a cheaper console, at least include a good extra or two with it to entice
    people to want it more. Include a cheap case, or a slightly larger memory
    card(especially if you get a system with a digital copy of a game
    pre-installed. A 4gb wouldn’t exactly last long.)

  7. who can give me some excellent titles on the 3ds? for now, i only have
    Pokemon X and it’s great!

  8. harriet hutchings

    i think that if you play the 3ds for more than a hour it will hurt your

  9. This or a psvita

  10. should i get a 3ds or 3ds xl

  11. Elizabeth Hearfield

    I have a 3DSXL and it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever played. Animal
    crossing and Tomodachi life got me. I love it, and it’s easier to hold than
    the 2DS, because my friend came round with the red and white 2DS and I
    couldnt even hold it. I don’t have the little chargy thing you have, I use
    my DSI charger because it woks, haha. The down side is that its volume
    button kept getting in my way because it just slides up and down whenever i
    play. I put my hand over it, and then it moves, and it’s SO annoying. I
    think that’s the only thing. And it’s prone to dropping. Haaahaahaha, I’ve
    broken my L&R buttons and recently the volume button. I can”t be assed
    getting it fixed though ://

    My 3DS lasts 2 1/2 days without needing charging.

  12. Blippy Hoppindog

    heres a free 2ds! get a 3ds and then DONT USE 3D

  13. I think it was 3rd attempt, since there was a 3D glasses thing by Nintendo
    for the Famicom only in Japan

  14. 2nd hand coz they never give u a charging dock or charger, i have my 3ds XL
    here and it was brand new and nothing like that came in the box

  15. Ugh I had a 3ds and it made me sick it made me dizzy and my mom could not
    use it as it messed up her already bad vision but not a bad handheld EXCEPT

  16. no1reallycaresabout2

    I love the 3DS, but the actual 3D feature gives me a bad headache after
    about 5 minutes of using it, so I don’t use it.

  17. I had no idea about the 3D fucking up kids eyes. That’s kind of

  18. Listened to the overwhelming amount of praise for the 3DSXL, so I bought
    one… The thing kills my hands… It’s very uncomfortable. 

  19. And a year later, 3D youtube happened.

  20. I just noticed that the first 3DS had better face recognition tech than the
    new ps4, xbox one and pc NBA live 15.

  21. I hope you didn’t just just say Rayman 2 “wasn’t that good”….

  22. Ashens if you still have the 3ds wanna friend me huge fan 🙂 please reply
    friend code please code 1392-6349-0980 is my fc please reply!

  23. sebastian salazar

    The xl

  24. Herp Derpenstein

    Solid handheld console, but the vanilla screen is FUCKING TINY!
    Unless you’re getting the XL version, your eyes will be assaulted by a
    united offensive by 3D and and being forced to focus on a very small

  25. Nintendo star point things expire

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