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Extreme Gaming PC |How to build| Part 2 Details (ASUS)

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  1. skullcrusher803 playz

    im not being a hater but ever since I built my first computer my dad has
    been all over me and saying that I have to make more computers even though
    I have made so many that I don’t have any more places in my house I am
    aloud to keep them do you have any clue what I should do with them?

  2. You said “don’t get a 40GB SSD drive, because you’ll be installing games,
    programs etc on the SSD drive, so you’ll need more than 40GB (64GB)”, and
    the next thing you say is, “we’ll be installing games and programs on our
    1TB hard drive.” What am i missing here, i don’t get it. 64GB should be
    enough for your OS and some programs.

  3. Cant wait to build mine

  4. this guy is so nice lol

  5. When you were talking about Micro Center, I looked it up, does this mean
    you are near the Tustin area?

  6. Daniel Tarabella

    “RAM memory” nice one random access memory memory.

  7. minecraftsurviveable


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