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Gaming Laptop with DESKTOP Graphics – Alienware 13

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  1. Christopher Aburto

    hmm not bad alienware, not bad at all

  2. Its a great idea! Although it’d be a pipe-dream, it’d be cool if they sold
    the rights to other manufacturers in the near future so they could utilize
    the same port on their laptops.

    The $330 for the Graphics amplifier is alright, but only if it comes with a
    PSU. If not, then in my opinion it’s a bit much.
    All the GTX 700 upto 760 graphics cards cost less than the graphics
    amplifier, and if you’re on a budget for upgradability, it doesn’t make
    sense to spend twice the amount for the benefit of an external card, plus
    theres at least another $50 for the PSU to power it all.

  3. wow… i cant believe no one ever thought of this

  4. This is a very cool step in an impressive new direction for gaming laptops.

  5. Gaming Laptop with DESKTOP Graphics – Alienware 13

    Alienware 13, the new laptop that lets you use DESKTOP graphics cards for
    the most powerful gaming laptop experience you’ve ever had… but how’s it
    work? Lets find out…

    “Maximum mobility. Engineered for high-performance gaming anywhere, the
    Alienware 13 combines stunningly powerful performance and incredibly mobile

    Music by http://teknoaxe.com

    #PCGaming #Alienware13 #Alienware #PaxAus

  6. Normally I talk bad about alienware because they are WAY over priced. but
    the price for all of this is actaully quite cheap if you add all of it up.
    And the fact its a laptop make it 5 times better.

  7. This is pretty awesome if you want the standalone laptop to still be beefy
    enough to handle top games, but I think for a lot of people it would make
    sense to make the laptop weaker, and make the “graphics amplifier” box
    thingy a bit more powerful. You could have a “graphics amplifier” with a
    huge beastly GPU and one or more gigantic HDD’s to store all your files,
    then you could make the laptop super lightweight and ultra-thin (I’m
    thinking Macbook Air proprtions).

    The laptop itself could have a modest SSD, be super light, portable and
    fast for everyday activities, but you can get home and plug it in to the
    amplifier which beefs it up and has all of your best games installed.

  8. I wish that was compatible with more than just alienware laptops. I think
    that box would sell tons if you didn’t have to get the laptop with it…

  9. The PCI-E port that’s needed for this “amplifier” is standard, soooo
    nothing is stopping their competitors to start adding it to their laptops
    and take advantage of it from now on. Right?
    It would be pretty cool if that’s the case.

  10. Currently that big black box is only compatible with the AW13 and its $330
    without a GPU so it really adds up quickly, i wish laptop manufacturers
    focused on building laptops with swappable parts that you can buy directly
    from them/Nvida/AMD.

  11. Frederic La Roche

    I’m getting this! As a college student who always has to go left and right
    on campus and is only home on the weekends this is a dream come true. A
    great mobile graphics card (GTX 860m) for when I’m out of the house during
    the week and when I’m back home it’s plugin and play with raw desktop
    power. I’ve never been an Alienware fan, but this product convinced me to
    move over. Bye bye to my MSI laptop, you’ve served me well. Time for an
    upgrade. 🙂 

  12. “…Potencial PC gaming POWA!” hahaha that was funny

  13. that 21:9 MONITOR LOOKS SO SEXY 😮 

  14. They finally did it! A few companies tried to implement something like this
    in the past but never as transparently and flexible.

  15. I like it! What a clever idea.

  16. This is pretty cool and I can only hope it does well and other companies
    who sell “gaming” laptops follow suit with their own iterations. I’ve seen
    this done before by other companies and it didn’t work out to well for
    them, but then their’s were a bit more rigid and convoluted whereas this
    seems pretty simple to use and the fact that you can use pretty much any
    video card gives you a variety of options.

  17. damn I wanna have a Graphics amplifier for my Alienware 17 r5 🙁 when
    that thin 13 inch, QHD touchscreen goes i7 and switches to gtx9XX it will
    be THE BOMB!! fucking great job Alienware!!

    oh and by the way you can upgrade the graphic cards on all GTX Alienwares,
    there are old 17 r3 originally running GTX580m running GTX880m

  18. sigh.. only if intel allowed thunderbolt eGPUs. This is a nice option
    though, well played Alienware.

  19. I’ve used gaming laptops for years and this is really exciting! I’ve only
    had one alienware before but its innards were superbly designed, it kept
    cooler than any other laptop I’ve ever owned.

  20. Doesn’t the power of a PC depend on more than just the graphics card? I
    have no idea, I know very little about gaming PCs.

  21. This is a awesome idea. I’m interested if this will become a standard of
    all gaming laptops in the coming years.

  22. This is cool. You could also video edit on the go and then plug your
    computer into the GPU and render on that without impacting too heavily on
    your laptops performance.

  23. I don’t particularly like the 13 but I really like this idea, and if they
    continue this in their later products I will probably pick one up.

  24. I bought one…..I was rich……not anymore :3

  25. Now I need money.

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