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Lair PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

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  1. Have they fixed this with an update?

  2. Jonathan Arguelles

    i hope im not the only one that liked the SIXAXIS CONTROLS :/

  3. i think they should remake this and Heavenly Sword for PS4. Add tradtional
    controls to this, and make Sword’s combat less repetative

  4. So close to being a classic…
    Fucking controls man…

  5. It was SO CLOSE to being an amazing game!!!

  6. is it worth buying for £2

  7. Up At Noon…

  8. i could be wrong but i think theyve had another crack at this game on the
    xbox one its called Crimson dragon

  9. priyesh123456789

    up at noon sent me

  10. no final verdict? wtf man

  11. taikucingification

    should be a reboot, with no sixaxis

  12. ShanTheArtist Person

    I just got the game at a media warehouse in my town. It was five bucks, why
    not? So far its a pretty cool game, but the SIXAXIS is so hard, but its
    easier than analog controls. Confusing, but a really cool fantasy war
    dragon game.

  13. Littleoldmeluvsu

    They released a patch months ago for the sixaxis issue :3

  14. Lee Chesnalavage

    How has the patch fix things? Because I haven’t played the non-patched
    version but the controls still feel awkward and inaccurate. Lair gets so
    many things right, but control and level design aren’t those things.

    Is there any way to change the controls from Six-Axis to traditional,
    boring thumbsticks? Because if so I think it would greatly improve the

  15. Bargain hunting the other day i found this Gem for €2!!!!4 once Miller is
    spot on with the review. More brushing up of the six axis controller and
    tighter controls would’ve made this an 3xcellent launch title. Shame as it
    looks gorgeous- missed opportunity. 

  16. I feel like all these reviewers are trying to find reasons to justify there
    low review scores just because they don’t simply want to say ‘Motion
    controls = 4/10’. I absolutely love this game and the prediction value was
    extremely high, it’s a shame they didn’t release this game with the
    analogue option, maybe this game would have had a metacritic score of 8 and
    still have support like trophies and possibly squeals… all because of a
    simple technicality.
    This to me will always be one of the biggest miss opportunities and
    tragedies of the 7th generation.

  17. I got this for like 5 bucks, pretty fun imo

  18. You can change the controls to the analog sticks haha

  19. You can change the controls to the analog sticks haha

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