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Amazon Fire TV and Game Controller Setup (Asphalt 8 and Minecraft Gameplay)

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  1. Your cat is cute!

  2. WindowsSoftwareDe

    is this an android device? or some amazon OS? I mean can I play any android

  3. This looks pretty solid, great video man! :D

  4. I guarantee the reason that you had issues updating was Comcast. They have
    been known to throttle speeds from Netflix because they are a competitor.
    In their eyes, Amazon and Youtube are competitors as well . Comcast wants
    to dominate the “Video On Demand” market by crippling the competition. They
    are the worst ISP in my opinion.

  5. 1:40 for who wants to see the cat

  6. My Sony NGZS7 (google TV) is acting up. Its a couple years old ,so I
    ordered Fire TV. It should be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to root it .
    google play it and plex it!

  7. I want to see how big the game collection is other then that looks like
    what my chromecast does but way more might get it now

  8. I still play fire tv games

  9. If you’re in Kansas City, why not get Google Fiber? XD

  10. did you have a chance to try Plex app? Does it support MKV?

  11. +wwjoshdew I live In Kansas city too YEEEAAHH a YouTuber finally lives in

  12. What? You can set the graphic level? That’s sick!

  13. GAMETIMEwithKyle

    Great overview man! Might have to get one of these! 

  14. Christian Gonzalez

    Does anybody know of i can use the amazon fire controller with out the fire
    tv thingy ?

    Plzz answer back asap !?

  15. Dude you have to get on the fiber optic ban wagon! !!

  16. Better then ouya 

  17. You should get google fiber, its only acailible in kansas city

  18. Isn’t that just a downgrade from Minecraft PS3? The whole point of that
    version is so you can have Minecraft on the go.

  19. How much does tht cost now I really really want one to play mcpe

  20. lucky, your mom let you use the nice tv in the basement?!

  21. Excuse me, but where can I get a 2160P monitor, to watch this video in
    original version?

  22. It sucks that this great device only has the apps offered by Amazon and not
    from Google Play store where most people have already purchased tons of
    apps from.

  23. Dude, I appreciate your review, but maybe try decaf? :)

  24. 2nd, only 320p hurry up YouTube!

  25. Minecraft is the pe edition

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