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Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Xbox One review

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  1. @azouachili All games are unrealistic and that’s usually the part that
    makes them fun

  2. Played it. Is gorgeous, Microsoft and developers have done it justice

  3. yodigdogdogdigdog123

    4th view. Nice video!

  4. Went out today and trade in my 360 for the xbox one just to play Halo again
    like I used to back in the day… Awesome game and memories of garage
    system link parties!

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  6. I’m I the only one that doesn’t like halo? Maybe because I hate games that
    are unrealistic, even the new COD sucks for me.

  7. @azouachili i don’t like futuristic games too… But for me halo is an
    exeption because it’s balanced as fuck

  8. I don’t understand the hate/”black sheep” status of Halo 4. I thought 343
    did a lot of things right.

  9. It strays a little too far from the halo formula? Are you joking?

  10. i love halo but i also love mi windows pc. i play windows games no xbox for
    me. no pc version-my money goes elsewhere.

  11. Margaret Calvert

    People need to realize that its agame for fun of

  12. they had halo 4 and not reach, huh? jeez.

  13. Михаил Ш.

    The conclusion: original 1st Halo is still the best.

  14. This is really cool. On halo 2 is the glitches still present like super
    jumps to get outside the maps?

  15. I love the halo franchise, but I have to disagree on your opinion of this
    game being a must buy in its current state. The fact that almost everything
    in the game crashes or has bug issues proves that it was not ready for
    consumer use. Not to mention that the “promised” 60 fps across the board
    has proven to be false. The master chief collection is a terrible port of
    halo games 1-4. 

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