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Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Review (XBOX360/PS3)

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  1. So much hate for this game… i actually like it its got all the good stuff
    from the old ac games in one game ( property renos, gang headquarters plus
    better ship handling than ac4) stop hating it’s last gen what did u except,
    at least the story is good

  2. Wish i could kill this Shay cormac guy in an assassins creed game. his
    crimes are so terrible. what a douche bag. the ending of the game is cool
    and transitions “silently” into Unity.

  3. I didn’t like this game much at all. The story was decent but I didn’t like
    the ending. The gameplay was just as flawed as Black Flag and in some ways
    it’s even more flawed. They should’ve scrapped this game and used the money
    to fix Unity’s bugs. 

  4. Ubisoft is so fucking stupid they pretty much damaged the quality of their
    Rogue is just a copy and paste of previous game could have easily been a 15
    dollar dlc
    Unity is broken mess that doesn’t work (probably because they split up
    their development team with these two games)

  5. Wow so many people hate this game i guess they don’t know how to show

  6. i passed on it the moment i saw they still had ships in the game. Taking
    over ships was fun the first few times in black flag but it got really
    really repetitive after a while. It didnt help that you HAD to do it since
    upgrading your ship was mandatory.

  7. Who the fuck are you your not whitey

  8. he sounds like clive owen the assassin hehe

  9. Robert Alexander

    both assassins games this year were boring.

  10. Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Review (XBOX360 PS3) 

  11. What happened to your partner

  12. Shane Berezowski

    errrr……that was begun. not that was began. 

  13. smile1and1drop1that1dookie Ii

    garbage game . ugly graphics. this was just made to cash in

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