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PlayStation Vita Slim Review

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  1. You are an idiot. You have “I want what is new.” syndrome. You just said
    the oled screen only looks a little bit better an is only minor. Like I
    said before you are completely full of shit. You put street fighter vs
    tekken side by side on these two device and the slim scree doesn’t even
    come close.

    The original is way more vibrant. If I got a new bundle thar included a
    slim, I would sell it and buy an original. The slim is only for sony to
    make money and to fuck over the consumer. It is a complete downgrade; with
    absolutely not improvements to the camera or speakers.

  2. My hands have never felt tired holding the vita. You are full of shit.
    Their was never even a wait issue with the first one. 

  3. I’m keeping old vita

  4. Original looks nicer

  5. Robinson Alvarez

    U talk to much 

  6. Elias Torvaldsson

    Im Getting the slim

  7. love to win.

  8. Awesome … I would love to win this 

  9. Can i have it my brithday is coming up oct 30

  10. Alexander Romero


  11. Александр Толок


  12. excellent

  13. Alexander Romero


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