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CGR Undertow – THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 review for PlayStation 3

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  1. They haven’t been doing the same thing for “12” years. 12 years ago was the
    first Tobey Spider-Man game which was shit and doesn’t have any open world
    structure to it. Spider-Man 2’s game came out in 2004 and that’s the one
    that started with the open world Spider-Man games. So it’s 10 years old. It
    only takes 5 seconds to google the release dates of the Spider-Man films.


  3. Rocksteady should develop the next spiderman game to make a game that
    spiderman fans diserve, not this BS we’ve been getting all these years.

  4. UltraJordanGaming

    You have clearly never played the origional Spiderman 2 game. It is hands
    down the best superhero game ever made. Its on the xbox and probably ps2.

  5. in what magical world are gangbangers white ? 

  6. best spiderman imo was the one for ps1 undeniably imo

  7. This review is extremely accurate

  8. Personally Web Of Shadows, Shattered Dimension, and Edge Of Time. Those
    were by far some of my favorite Spidey games.

  9. No Spidey game has beat Maximum Carnage on SNES. :P

  10. 90sNostalgiaNerd

    My favorite is still Spiderman 2 on the PS2. The tweaks he mentioned about
    the web slinging, were already present in that version. Why they would
    ever remove that in the games after the PS2 game baffles me.

  11. I love spiderman’s combat animations 

  12. The next spider man game has to be much different, not a tie in game put it
    in the actual marvel universe like web of shadows. A better story and don’t
    make it a cluster fuck of Villains, and some new gamplay things can be
    several different web swinging mechanics like in sm2, more combos, rpg
    elements that are actually rpg elements, and with the random events don’t
    make it look like side missions that pop up and u know what it’s going to
    be, do it like sm2 and ultimate spider man when your swinging a red dot
    appears and that a crime in progress and for the love of god don’t do the
    hero or menace system. And btw ultimate spider man and web of shadows were
    pretty good. 

  13. I do not see how this game can be reinvented in the way he describes! he
    says that it should be reinvented but not how! its a good formula and like
    they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! they don’t have have Madden games
    on the moon! its in New York that lends itself to an open world game and
    spiderman will obviously do a lot of web swinging! its the same kind of
    game as every game going back to the ps1 only slightly refined each time!
    also bear in mind most people have not played every single one

  14. The amount of Spiderman media never ceases to amaze me.

  15. Umm, about the open world part, Spider-Man 2, in 2004 (not 2002), was the
    first open world Spider-Man game. lol

  16. I have to agree with this review although I will admit that I defended it
    at first. This game is just in my opinion a huge step down from the first
    game in this series I actually really enjoyed the first one but this game

  17. I wish they would go back to the atmosphere of the Neversoft games on the
    ps1 and expand upon it like the Arkham games. In my opinion, The best
    spiderman games were those. The best free roam would be Spiderman 2. And
    the best on action and story would be Web of Shadows. I just loved
    switching suits during combos.

  18. Why did you review this twice?

  19. Wait a minute, that voice….
    Ermagersh, Jude Mathis turned into Spiderman O.O

  20. I got this for PS4 expecting the same great game like the first one in
    2012. Totally dissapointed. Not buying the 3rd one

  21. The first 2 games for PS1 were actually amazing! 🙂 But that’s all…

  22. Spider's Gaming Arcadia

    It just looks so bland, not all that bad but nothing special either.

  23. I haven’t cared about a Spider Man game since the original Playstation.

  24. XXCaptainspikeXX

    11th comment 

  25. Separation anxiety was my favorite Spider Man game. Spider-Man and Venom
    teaming up to take down the other symbiotes. 

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