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Amazon Fire TV Review

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  1. roku is a great media player, wtf this guy talking about, CLUNKY?!

  2. Shipping fast. Packaging excellent.Easy to install.After using it for a couple of weeks, we like it a lot. We were using Chrome Cast and that was terrible.Fire has more option, yet simple to use.

  3. +PhoneDog excuse me, i am deciding weather to get this or the roku 3 and i
    have two questions
    1)does the amazon fire tv play local media such as pictures,videos or music
    from any android or ios device (my galaxy s5 or my ipad) and if it does,
    then how.
    2)if it doesnt, or if i have to get a kindle tablet in order to do it, then
    i would get a roku 3. i just NEED to have that feature. but i would like
    to know if i should wait for the next vesion of the roku 3, or wait for a
    roku 4.

    thank you in advance

  4. No WWE app, no Time Warner app, no Crunchyroll app, therefore not the best
    set top box.

    Still using my Roku 3 much more.

  5. LMFAO In order to play the cheap games you have to buy a $40 controller.
    That’s hilarious. You can play my cheap ios games on the Apple TV using air
    play, and I don’t need a $40 controller but use my iPhone or iPad. Another
    failed attempt to beat Apple. 

  6. Best thing about watching tech reviews is reading the comments and seeing
    apple fans and android fans go at each others throats because someone had
    an oppinion lol

  7. Take that charcoal portrait of Steve Jobs and shove it up your ass

  8. This is BULL CRAP, it is just a Roku box that does nothing more at all.
    The voice search thing is so stupid, he is making it out like they
    re-invented the wheel, and it’s just not true. I have a Roku3 which is
    awesome, and this is just trying to copy it. It is fine to copy something,
    but don’t act like it’s a new invention.

  9. Sounds like a mini xbox one: trying to be an entertainment system first,
    game console second

  10. I love my Roku 3, plays everything.

  11. Is this TV box work out side USA I mean I am from pakistan will it work
    here ??

  12. Chromecast is best for the price

  13. I am a long time user of the PS3 streaming app. I have become very invested in my amazon digital library. Once I hear about the fire TV I had to have it.

  14. Was that shot at in Nashville? Looked like the Parthenon in the back

  15. Such shitty videos anymore. Better than Apple TV but you fail to mention
    any mirroring. Such a fuckin fanboy

  16. Please stop saying its plastic.. I don’t know what year you live but most
    things are made of plastic.. Not everything has to be of quote “high end”
    material ( metal ).. 

  17. It’s nice enough, playing Android based games are intriguing. Roku still
    takes it for me though due to not wanting to be locked into one ecosystem.
    Great review, good to see you Marco.

  18. I feel like I’m gonna have like 50 boxes under my tv 

  19. Looks Good!

  20. Agree. 

  21. can we get in belgium??????????

  22. once again a video with no research done at all…”most games for less than
    two dollars each” *shows game for $6.99*….so dumb, and EVERYTHING has to
    be apple related…give me a break, lets get a real tech reviewer on this
    channel not iO Hanna

  23. I really don’t understand the hype around Amazon Fire TV. It does only ONE
    thing better than AppleTV and Roku and that’s play Amazon Instant Video
    with no buffering. The gaming I could care less about and the voice search
    is useless outside of Instant Video searches. I owned one of these for 3
    days and returned it. Roku has way more apps and AppleTV is just too cool
    with it’s Airplay and Mirroring. 

  24. Not better than an apple TV when jail broken huh? *cough xbmx *cough

  25. Does it have a YouTube app?

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