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MY HONEST XBOX ONE REVIEW (Xbox One Call of Duty Ghosts Gameplay)

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  1. Dude i think you just got a lemon thats all =D

    If u want great quality sound invest in an expensive headset.

    If u didnt like the kinect then sell it.

    Plenty of solutions, but you’d rather sit there whining and complaining
    about it.


  2. so did you return your xbox? or did you wait for the patches? “Honestly”.
    You already bought it. Do you still feel the same way 6 months in? I
    personally love the voice integration. Snapping and switching between games
    and apps is so much faster and intuitive than having to navigate back and
    forth with the controller. Voice works 99% of the time for me. recording
    and broadcasting is a breeze with voice. I “honestly” cant imagine
    navigating my xbox without kinect. it feels nextgen.

  3. Voice controls was never a good idea, I dont understand why Microsoft were
    so adamant that we all wanted voice controls… Or to control games with
    our hands instead of a controller, because thats exactly what I want, to
    lose an online duel with someone because the connect misread a hand signal.
    Thank fuck they dropped the connect, now I finally have an xbox one.

  4. I agree..i think microsoft have pretty much launched a product which was
    aimed at a diverse market and now they appear to have changed there
    mind..The kinetic being droped for me was a massive blunder as it shows the
    idea has failed and now the xbox one is just a gaming console. I cant
    believe MS pay people so much for flop concepts..lol

  5. Leave It To Peter

    Could the issue with the Kinect be that you don’t understand the commands?
    I rarely have to repeat myself on it, and most reviews I’ve read have said
    the same. So I’m not sure why you’re having trouble. 

  6. How is the xbox one bad i have one it’s amazing dude 

  7. great reveiw. i think in a years time the xbox one will improve and be
    better then the ps4. 

  8. wow thanks man alot! i was just going to buy one..i have way over the money
    but now that you said the interface part, i will not be buying an xbox one
    til later this year..forget the graphics…for the cost of this xbox one,
    everything should be on point!…thank you so much Bob!….i hate to stay
    old on the xbox 360 but hey, i have lots of friends on there so im a stick
    to xbox 360!..

  9. the reason i like you bob is because you are one of the very few who
    actually are honest when talking or reviewing so that your viewers really
    knows what comes with the xbox, and thats what we all want to see, keep it

  10. To me the ps4 is boring and the games coming out for it are boring, then I
    hear this video saying xbox one has nothing good about it what’s left? 

  11. Amazing Halo Forges

    This is a great review, but I am a little curious.

    My understanding from the reviews of critics is that first off, chat
    quality is a huge step forward, both on kinect and the chat headset… This
    is the first video I’ve seen to say otherwise. As for the User Interface,
    my understanding there is that it is designed with kinect in mind, hence
    the awkward navigation. My guess is that they intended to make the
    interface something you’d want to navigate with kinect instead of a
    controller, so that the community would embrace it…

  12. Sol King de Betancourt

    That’s stupid about the party chat thing wtf microsoft 

  13. When you look really closely the Xbox looks better caust what not many
    people know is that the ps4 is actually 1080p softened to look more
    realistic but the Xbox is 720p sharpened to have more detail.
    And honestly… can you really make the difference between 720 and 1080p

  14. Yep I’m an xbox fanboy. I hate the xbox one it’s cumbersome. The only
    reason that I have it is because of my friends.

  15. I can’t get to work on my Xbox one how do I do it 

  16. Well, I thought about doing an X Box One review on my channel, but you
    pretty much covered everything I was going to cover. Might just link this
    video in one of my future videos. I do have faith that the big problems
    (chat, party system, invites) will be fixed over, but as you said, it’s a
    step backwards. When you shell out 500 bucks, plus 60 bucks per game, you
    expect ease of use, smooth menus, great game experiences, and all around
    fun. Once I get into a game and get things going, I have fun. But it
    takes me 10 fucking minutes to invite people, turn on the chat, wait for
    the slow ass menus to load, and then I finally get to play. I got shit to
    do! When I turn on my console, I want to use it!

  17. I see a review like this and it disappointing me, then I see a review from
    another channel and XB1 looks absolutely amazing…Stuck.

  18. I remember back when you did the gun review series for mw3. And then for
    some reason I stopped watching your videos. Now a couple years later, I
    come across this video and I remember how good your content was and is. You
    now have a resubscriber. Lol

  19. I picked up the PS4 and I feel the same way you do about your xbox One

  20. dude i completely agree but no offence im still buying one because i love
    it so much it works perfectly awesome every time i use it. please
    playstation fans dont hate im buying the ps4 too so no haters. 

  21. TheSenSationGamer


  22. PS4: Gaming Console
    Xbox One: Entertainment Console

    PS4 is 100% about gaming

    Xbox One is about 25% gaming 25% web browsing 25% TV services 25% music
    movies etc

    The reason the PS4 is more successful at the moment is because they just
    focused on gaming while the Xbox One had to focus on all the other things
    they’re trying to do with the Xbox One they’re both great consoles so just
    get the one you want 

  23. I have it it is not that great and I hate that it’s not compatible with
    xbox 360 games or headsets

  24. Personally I love my xbox one, but I do agree that some of the things are
    steps back. Like controller battery life. They recently updated this, but
    why it wasn’t already there is stupid. Overall I think it’s a solid system
    with some frustrating glitches. There were things on the Xbox 360 that were
    staples for xbox and why they have been changed or removed makes no sense
    to me. My biggest complaint is the fact I can’t play my xbox 360 games on
    the xbox one. A system that claims to be “all-in-one”. All these great new
    games have come to 360 and I can’t play them. Such as gta5 and halo 4. But
    maybe in the future we will be able to play these games. Over all I agree
    and disagree with this video. I agree it has flaws, but it is a step
    forward in gaming technology and worth buying. 

  25. I’m an XBOX FAN BOY. I loved the heathly dose of a review. Pro’s and con’s
    are represented well in this review. Loved the optimism on future
    improvements vs current short comings. I choose the XB1. Im overly
    confident Microsoft will improve the OS for optimal game and social usages.

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