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The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition Xbox 360 Review

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  1. ‘Console gamers are stupid’
    ~Rev3Games 2012

  2. Holy pickledicks this game looks bad on xbox

  3. “The best Bioware game they’ve played”

    I couldn’t agree more. CDProjeck nailed everything with this series and
    I’m really looking forward to Witcher 3. Bioware has really fallen off
    since the EA acquisition and even before they rarely delivered on this kind
    of level of depth.

  4. I miss Max Scovel

  5. That t shirt kicks ass

  6. Good job hammering on meaningless youtube comments…

  7. These ‘professional’ reviewers should just stay the fuck away from RPGs.
    They’re always reviewing shit half-assed, but at least this dude admitted
    it. You can’t play a 50 hour game for 10 hours & properly review it. I love
    when they talk about how they spent 20-30 hours playing a 200 hour game &
    then bitch about side quest repetitiveness — like they played more than 5%
    of the SQs. If they can’t invest the time, don’t review the game. But, it’s
    not they’re fault, it’s dipshit gamers who listen.

  8. Max thanks for the excellent “review” I started it on the PC and I am in
    the exact situation as you. Loved the summation and feel exactly the same
    way. Highly entertained and the PC graphics are beautiful. Thanks for your
    time and say hi to Tara.

  9. Knights of the Nine

    im honestly not interested in the sex aspect of the game at all o.O. i just
    wana know if the story is good (which im convinced it is) and the gameplay
    (which im not sure about…)

  10. OMG Max… because you never responded last time HI!

  11. best story in games ever,the most mature

  12. I…can’t tell if you’re joking. “Clunky = Janky, sort of” I have no idea
    what janky is either. I feel like I need a “Reviewer’s Lingo” handbook.
    Thanks for clearing what you meant now though. If “clunky” meant exactly
    what you just said there, every time you used it, I would be happy, but I
    don’t think that will be the case.

  13. Thanks max I really wanted you to review it, since I’m interested in this
    series a long time ago, since I don’t have a powerful PC well I don’t play
    on my pc either, I use it for stupid stuff… you know like School, work
    and that useful things in life. Anyway It’s good to have a review from
    someone who is actually new to this game. I will give it a try, probably
    buy it. BTW do you know if Skyrim will have a “game of the year” edition,
    since I haven’t bought it yet. Cheers.

  14. I had 1000 trojan horses on my PC and I had to play it on Low graphics but
    they were still epic! 😀

  15. tons & tons of balls

  16. pc gamers and their inferiority complexes.

  17. 12 hours seems like a long enough time in my eyes for a review. What else
    can the game really do? It’s obvious he knows the ins and outs of it and
    he’s been giving it a fair shake. That’s all it takes for me. The only
    thing left for the game to tell is story, and you can’t really divulge
    anything in the review leading into 12 hours because of spoilers, so what’s
    the point?

  18. My life is exactly like that, except for the hot girldfriend and money. But
    otherwise exactly the same.

  19. best bioware game ever.. lol

  20. What about a food critic whose job it is to review food products? Would you
    be satisfied with a review of the cake if he just said “it was sweet”.

  21. Yeah, it is misguiding, but that’s the nature of search engine
    optimization. Nobody’s searching for “impressions” when they could be
    searching for a “review.” If I spent twelve solid hours with a human being,
    I’d probably have developed an opinion of that person. It’s a 60 dollar
    game that provides at least 30 hours of content. I think I can make a
    recommendation based on the first 12 hours. That’s one of the big flaws in
    game criticism, along with numbered scores and Metacritic. – Max

  22. Still dug the review, btw. Don’t want to be entirely negative. It was still

  23. Great job max. Just 1 thing, is anyone else fucking tired of the word
    “clunky”? This word has fucking plagued the Revision 3 reviews for way too
    fucking long. “The gameplay feels clunky” “The menu seems clunky” We have
    no way of knowing what the fuck you mean by that. If you’re trying to say
    it’s awkward, explain why, don’t keep using that word as a fallback for
    criticisms, it’s drives me insane. I realize I probably sound like an
    asshole. The review really was great. Just…that fucking word…

  24. Best non bioware game I have played.

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