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Sony PSP 3000 Review

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  1. well psp is the greatest handheld device,gadget, and a portable console!

  2. Wish I had it. I have psp 2000 and go 

  3. big discoun sony psp here, please check

  4. GO ET VITA SUCHE 3000 pour le gagne homme serious, nowhere you can buy it
    anymore luckely i have encore myn ;’)

  5. you are a fucking RETARD !!!! guess who is writing bitch :D:D

  6. just got a psp 3000 can’t play with it yet but SOON!!!

  7. i love psp lol

  8. Maybe is late but I NEED IT

  9. @ibyOFshieldz Holy truth mate, holy truth

  10. i definatly agree with you

  11. PSP 3004 has any difference with PSP 300 or it is the same thing? Please
    answer! Thank you! Oh! by the way nice vid! sorry for my english ( i dont
    speak so good)

  12. fuck the 3000! ps vita ruleees!

  13. I want the sliver 3000 one

  14. @MrGamerkiller123 psp3000 fo sure !!!!!!!!!!! also i have an ipod touch and
    its not that fun:/ all yu do is get apps and play mmusic ! im getting the

  15. PSP 3000 – 130$ PSP VITA – 300$

  16. Can you play straight out of the box or setup ?

  17. Why was this video seen on araibianna thingy >.>

  18. SuperGamecheatmaster

    i have he psp 3000

  19. Yes, But Will It Blend?

  20. psp 1000 ze best

  21. my fat psp 1000 just bricked on itself yesterday…after 6 years of abuse
    cant say i didnt see it coming..but ijust picked white psp 3000 and boy the
    screen make everything more vibrant colors and the extra ram reallyhave
    impact on cmr 05 fucking amazing for less than 100 bucks

  22. LOL why the hell would Game console companies make touch consoles it
    fucking sucks and consoles arent for Pictures but for games games and more
    games The Ps vita almost as suckish as the wii u Console

  23. I was going to get a Vita, but there’s no fucking way I’m going to pay $250
    for a handheld system plus whatever it costs for a memory card, PLUS $40
    for a game. That’s just crazy. I’ll just get one of these since it’s got a
    bigger library of games anyway, and you can buy it for dirt cheap these

  24. @asos95 psp 3000 = psp 3004 number in the end means region code

  25. I got the PSP Go, best purchase I made. It’s worth it. Granted it doesn’t
    have a UMD slot and the buttons take awhile to adjust to, but it makes up
    for this with portability, 16GB memory, and improved battery life. All the
    other PSP’s are good but too bulky to carry around. Every version has it’s
    pluses and minuses.

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