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PlayStation Vita 64gb Memory Card Review

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  1. I bitterly purchased one. Considering the price of the store products and
    the size of the games, it was a terrible move for Sony to make a
    proprietary memory card yet again for their handhelds. Considering the cost
    of a micro SD required for the 3ds it is really a joke for the sake of
    ‘anti-piracy’. But I can’t find a way to justify spending roughly a pound
    per gigabyte for a memory card when a 64gb micro sd can be purchased for
    around 20 pounds.

  2. I ordered from Amazon, and because i live in Norway I had to put up some
    extra cash for postage and other payments, so I ended up spending 176$ for

    Just why Sony? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  3. have you had any issues with your card? From what ive read online some have
    said they have experienced slow loading and even in some cases data
    corruption leading them to need to format the card numerous times. From
    what i gathered these people may have bought from less than reputable
    sources like a seller on amazon as opposed to amazon themselves so might
    not necessarily have been a genuine card. Any thoughts?

  4. ; n ; I want one but I have all my shit on the 32 gb can I upload my saves
    to ps+ then put in the new memory card and redownloaded the saved data??
    Cause I hate how deleting games deletes saved data too :c

  5. i just got it for $100 which I feel was pretty amazing, because I know that
    I’m going to need it. I have psp go which I love to death that has 52GB of
    games,movies, music and pictures. I want to get about 75% of that over to
    the Vita and make it my main handheld, factoring in the Vita games I plan
    on buying. I saw a lot of people on Amazon shipping from Japan and I didn’t
    trust that so I found one in California. I hope that it isn’t from another
    region from what I’m hearing in this video.

  6. Huge waste of money for a card that should be over half off that price

  7. Just ordered one of these on Amazon for a total of 102$. Yeah it hurt and I
    along with everyone else agree that these little black potato chip crumbs
    are grossly over- priced to an insane degree, but in the long run it’s
    worth it. Especially with all the free games you can download these days
    with PS+ membership. The price stings a lot but it is worth the plunge if
    you are an avid Playstation gamer.

    Now I just have to wait for at least a month for the damn thing to actually
    get to me..

  8. they must make so much money on thus shit.. £2 to produce and sell for
    £77.. disgraceful

  9. David Rudometkin

    Got a slim PS vita a few weeks ago and love it. Quickly ran out of space
    and glad I ordered this memory card. Amazing console – currently addicted
    to sperlunky. Thanks for the vid.

  10. The Vita should use SD cards. These perpritary Sony Cards are way too
    expensive and are generally a complete rip off. Its a money grab from Sony.

  11. Can I use 64gb microsd card on Psvita 

  12. so dose it work in the us?

  13. Funny how you can’t go to Sony’s official website and buy one of the 64 G
    memory sticks… That’s strange.. 

  14. do no buy it a few months later it will brick 

  15. Cheerz m8 hope to get one very soon :)

  16. I bought the Vita Slim Borderlands Bundle that came with the 8GB card…
    guess what… the game fills up the entire card…. what’s the point of

  17. How many games could you have downloaded with 64 gig?

  18. As a mainly PC gamer I am not used to all this anal sex from the producer
    that I have to endure with console gaming.

  19. Are you sure the 64GB memory card work in North America?

  20. They should have put in 4GB of internal memory, axe the 4gb memory card,
    and release the 64gb memory card worldwide.

  21. Nice video. I just bought one in a local sale for around A$102 delivered
    and was relieved to see this is a decent price and it will most likely work
    OK in my Vita. Quite a big investment but I also have PS Plus and get
    tired of constantly deleting and replacing games – this should do me for a
    year at least.

  22. Still gonna wait for this to come over. I want to use my Sony Rewards
    points to help pay for it.

  23. Thanks for the review. After watching this video multiple times and getting
    frustrated over constant managing on my 4gb memory card, I finally caved in
    and bought the 64gb. Was able to find one for $91.88 USD @ Nippon-Yassan.

  24. Nice answered a lot of my questions. Other then should I get it or know.
    Any word on if there are fake cards out there on the net? I just don’t want
    to drop 100 bucks on it and have nothing to show for it.

  25. Bought a 16bg for about $40.00, lost it in less than a week. So mad!! Now
    i’m left with 2, 4gb ones.

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