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Spintires: Extreme Offroad Simulator PC Gameplay HD 1440p

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  1. EpicDuel StrikerOverloard

    I want onboard camera ;(

  2. What is your recording program?

  3. The tech demo looked awesome! But the game still feels like it is just a
    tech demo. The camera is TERRIBLE just awful! The interface could be a lot
    better. There needs to be more to do then just drive across maps that look
    the same and deliver lumber. It is good as a tech demo, like this would
    awesome if when you went deep into the woods in a GTA game it was like this

  4. >Extreme Offroad Simulator

    You mean “Ordinary russian road simulator”

  5. whooooooo 1440 p now thats the best qualety i ever seen

  6. Way past cool graphics, this demo was jaw dropping.

  7. where i download this ?

  8. A Kickstarter success.

  9. Daniel Tejnický

    I dont know why but I have feeling that stalker would look awsome at this
    engine ´=D

  10. One day kids will look back on video games and say “I can’t believe tires
    didn’t morph over bumps and such”

  11. hey Jimmy the full version is out dont you get it yet?? :/

  12. never saw such flexible metal parts

  13. Best graphics and physics around and Kickstarter goal already met.

  14. ☺️☺️

  15. Please do support dx 9 when thjis game comes out.

  16. Even the tires flab out at the bottum, at the point of pressure. This game
    is good.

  17. Михаил Калашников

    Достойно! Россия одобряет)

  18. Kickstarter is soon bringing us another gem.

  19. 1440 p ?

  20. Except why does it sound like the clutch is slipping the whole time? It’s
    like the RPMs are going the wrong way.

  21. Flights Worldwide〈 Videos

    great video!!

  22. Madhuri Vadodaria

    i just love this game im going to purchase it

  23. Интересно,что думают иностранцы насчет русской игры.

  24. Omg where do I get that game and I hope it’s on xbox 360

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