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CGR Undertow – YOUNG JUSTICE: LEGACY review for PlayStation 3

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  1. I was waiting for someone to review this game! I loved the show this was
    based on, but seeing as how this game looks as bad as it does, I will
    definitely not be getting it! Seriously, I’ve seen Nintendo 64 games that
    look better than this!

  2. Ironically the show was canceled despite being Emmy award winning, high
    ratings, and deep story telling. It was cancelled because it also had great
    Animation and Voice acting…… both costing a lot of money….. It was
    replaced by the much cheaper Teen Titans Go. 12 years ago this show would
    have been in a Toonami prime slot and would have probably became as fondly
    remembered as the Batman or Superman TAS.

  3. SuperMegaBLTmunch

    Man, that “Superheroes are little kids” line was… I’m just gonna say…
    Entirely ignorant of the entire premise of everything in the game or show.

  4. I liked the review Derek but next time do some research. As a fan of Young
    Justice I was offended by your lack of knowledge on the show and of that
    “the super heroes are little kids” line. Basically you looked stupid so
    please know what your talking about before you review something! That’s
    what the internet is for smart one.

  5. I liked this show, some great production values and writing, but honestly
    wasn’t too upset with CN cancelling it.
    I guess I was hoping they would just release a new one focusing on the JL
    instead, too bad we got nothing.

    The Green Lantern one was great all around though, really miss it.

  6. You think the PS3/360 versions are bad!? They are fucking MASTERPIECES
    compared to the 3DS version. HOLY FUCKING SHIT is it TERRIBLE. The 3DS
    version was developed by Farsight Studios (who’s majority of work have been
    pinball games) and the way they went about it was to turn it into a
    strategy RPG. Now I can ABSOLUTELY get behind that because if executed
    properly it would be very cool to see how they would implement each
    respective characters powers into that genre. What was the result? BUGS AND
    THAT ARE INCREDIBLY OFF, ETC. Honestly it’s WAY TO MUCH to list. Just look
    up videos of it and you’ll see just how absolute SHIT it is. They had to
    have a fraction of a budget to do such a shit job.

  7. Do some research Derek. You sound like a dumbass for not understanding why
    sidekicks are teenagers while their superhero counterparts are adults. You
    know why that is? Because those superheroes had teenage sidekicks. Wow.
    Mystery solved. Some detective you are. You should try figuring out why
    Gomez and Morticia are older than Pugsley and Wednesday in the Addams
    Family next.

  8. What I don’t get is that this show was really popular. Why the heck would
    you cancel a show that had a good following? Sometimes Cartoon Network
    absolutely makes no sense at all. They canceled a show that many young
    people and adults alike enjoyed. What morons the heads of Cartoon Network
    are. It’s amazing to me that Cartoon Network still exist.

  9. Hey Derek, don’t let the awfulness of this game turn you away from the
    show. Young Justice rivals Arrow and Batman TAS as one of the greatest
    superhero shows I’ve ever watched.

  10. One of the best cartoons since Batman TAS, yes I said it and I mean it!
    Crying shame it was canceled!

  11. Wait, wait, what? You never watched a single episode? Not one? Dude,
    they aren’t baby superheroes, they’re the sidekicks. Superboy, Artemis,
    Kid Flash, so forth. How can you play a game(Let alone review it) if you
    have no idea what it is about?
    Also, judging a game by graphics, so, every game made before 2013 is 2/10
    because the new games look better? Good to know you’d call a game that
    literally melts your TV an 11/10 because it looked pretty and Half Life 1
    or Doom 0/10 because they don’t.
    Seriously, judging a game on graphics and not content, story, and gameplay?
    I’ll take a PS2 looking game with good story and cool powers over a
    PS4/One game that sucked harder than a vacuum.

  12. A bad video game based on a TV show that was also bad, seems to fit
    together well to me.

  13. “Maybe I could have been a gum machine” hahaha

  14. hey i just want to say the reson why they are kids and batman is well
    batman is because thats not super man and flash and so on they are there
    side kicks thats whats the show is about and thats why that is like that :)

  15. it really does look like an original xbox game (I wish I could just say
    Xbox One)

  16. It’s like Freedom Force if it sucked.

  17. I don’t think this game is that bad, it is kinda like Ultimate Alliance of
    Justice League Heroes. Is it as good as those games? Heck NO, but there is
    some fun to be had here. If you want to see a truly bad game check out
    Young Justice: Legacy for the 3DS… Probably the worst game for the
    system… yes even worse than Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  18. QuickTimeGamer90s

    This game is also for PC. It’s just as bad there… Also these aren’t kid
    versions of existing heroes they’re sidekicks. The show ran for 2 seasons
    and the story here revolves around what happened between the 5 year gap
    that’s between the last episode of season 1 and the first episode of season
    2. It’s to bad. I really had my hopes up for this game seeing how good the
    Batman games were and the Lego ones. I had hoped it’d of been on the same
    caliber but it’s not. 

  19. I'mNotCharlesBarkley SoDon'tBanMe

    This game looks so generic and boring, even from the gameplay I can see
    it’s repetitive and generic as hell.

  20. a horrible game based off of an incredible show

  21. These… are PS3 graphics?

  22. CGR Undertow – YOUNG JUSTICE: LEGACY review for PlayStation 3

    CGR Undertow – YOUNG JUSTICE: LEGACY review for PlayStation 3

  23. Stephon Williams

    Young Justice what the best show ever

  24. Where can I apply for Classic Game Room? This would be an amazing job

  25. Shame the game is so bad the TV series was brilliant

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