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Scuf Gaming SCUF ONE – Unboxing / Review! (2014 Scuf Xbox One Controller)

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  1. pretiest thing hes ever seen i think that screams he has not seen a vagina

  2. Hey I am a Xbox one youtuber and I was wondering if u wanted to partner up.
    Let me know 

  3. iCrizzly oCrizzly

    Not tryna hate but u look and sound like the stereotype rich kid

  4. Anthony Hernandez

    I wonder if his parents now what he keeps spending their money on.

  5. His voice doesn’t look like it fits him. IMO

  6. this kid is spoiled as fuck….

  7. Its more complex because on the 360 the trigger used springs when you
    pushed down but now the one uses magnets

  8. You know what’s strange, that same digital blue controller is what i have.
    All the specs are the same as mine.

  9. does this kid even lift? lmao jk

  10. You know your rich when u have 3 monitors beast computer and buy camo and
    led on a scuf (waste of money)

  11. I got chrome buttons, will the paint wear off after time?

  12. rich boy

  13. Okay so I ordered my Scuf controller 3 weeks ago tomorrow, and it still
    says for the status “PRINTED”? I have sent them an email and still haven’t
    received any kind of message back. It is the Scuf one MLG version the
    newest one along with the chrome ones but I would really like to know like
    how much longer does anyone think it will be. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE
    SUCKSSSS!!!! But I still can’t wait for my controller lol.

  14. LOL how can anyone take you seriously when you look like that. You look
    like you’re 12.

  15. im guessing ur filthy rich

  16. Great review.

  17. Hey I have Xbox one do u want to play together msg me if u want

  18. I now right

  19. Hey man what camera do you use?


  21. Titanfall gameplay with that controller? Please

  22. Nice lisp fag

  23. your voice is so annoying

  24. you said that u loved the new box and 5 sec later you throw it away wtf

  25. RealAsianSensation

    Damn you look young as hell

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