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CGRundertow PREY for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

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  1. this game is seriously 1 dollar at my local used game store. i’m totally
    going to check it out

  2. Getting this for €1 tomorrow!

  3. We’re all waiting for the sequel. Where is it dammit. lol

  4. Im gonna buy a used 360 just to play this game (again)

  5. Its good, but the only thing is sometimes there are these really cheap
    deaths that kill you for no reason. And you have no idea where they came
    from. What the reviewer failed to mention is that the chapters in this game
    are actually very short. Roughly 5 to 15 minutes apiece. Not to mention
    there is no single player DLC. And since this game is very old no one is
    playing online anymore. Its 6 years old single player still holds up. What
    times I thought to myself this feels like a mod for Doom 3.

  6. Got this for 2 dollars today ^^

  7. this is the Turok game we should have got.

  8. this was such an incredible game

  9. why isnt this on steam?

  10. Are you kidding me? This game’s fucking awesome.

  11. @akawhut It was on Steam once but it seems like it has been removed for
    some reason.

  12. damn need to get tis game

  13. where the hell is prey 2

  14. I thought I remember this game getting mediocre reviews when it came out.
    Maybe a 7/10 in gameinformer? So I skipped

  15. Don’t fear the ripper, i must buy this game (or buy the song) XD

  16. torquetheprisoner .

    dam this game was good and too under rated

  17. what the fuck man, how do you not show what makes this game amazing?? how
    do you not show walking on the magnetic platforms that makes this game
    different from the rest? horrible review.

  18. Good game but it became repetitive..

  19. The spirit walk is the most innovitive thing you have seen in an FPS? Oh
    dear :/ Hearing FPS turns you off, secondary oh dear :/ Some are the best
    games ever made. Some are crap, same as other genres

  20. amazing game

  21. @andino1152 But you stay long enough to leave a comment?

  22. evilmonkeyman289

    @FastTquick Why am I not surprised that a 3D Realms games took so long to
    come out?

  23. @nakamine1713 what?? prey 2 looks fucking awesome, it’s like blade runner
    meets deus ex meets mass effect… looks like one of the most interesting
    game of the year…

  24. Abraham Guajardo

    @Taylor Neswick give me your gamertag ill add u

  25. Just got this for a buck and damn it’s nice to finally play a FPS which
    doesn’t treat you like a 5-year old crossing a street. In most respects it
    wipes the floor with a lot of present FPS games simply because it doesn’t
    do everything for you – imagine that you actually have to think a little…

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