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More Faulty Console Bargains – Nintendo Wii – Easy Fix

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  1. 6:30 Guy refunded you for giving you a perfectly working console for a huge
    discount? What a nice guy… 

  2. lol bet the seller is pissed off

  3. WOW I was about ready to take it to the 100 yard target and hit it with my
    50 cal….that helps me if anything Thank You you were dead

  4. Lol there was a picture of the old owner on the home screen! Or was that u?

  5. Nothing like a chewed controller…lol

  6. Im used to chewed up nun chucks cuz my friend has (i think) 5 or more and
    only 1 isnt chewed up

  7. My wii did the same thing. turns out they like to over heat when in
    vertical position. so i kept mine vertical after that.

  8. More than likely my initial assumption was based on what I would pay now.
    Makes Sense.

  9. @Bert1268 Lol, yeah pretty disgusting, I don’t really want to think about
    it. I don’t know if it was a dog or person that’s been chewing on them. For
    the price I paid I can’t really complain though 🙂

  10. @storino03 hahaha, yeah I have a bad habit of mispronouncing stuff.

  11. Great deal, thats awesome.

  12. @LarryBundyJr Yeah the seller refunded me £10 to buy new ones and blamed
    her husband for not telling her they were damaged before she sold it on
    ebay, lol. Oh yeah and I didn’t realise until a few days later that those
    were pics of the previous owner on the photo channel, hahaha. I thought
    they were just stock photos or something, lol. They’re all gone now.

  13. The high pitch noise was probable the Wii crying coz some fucker was eating
    the Nunchuck.

  14. He’s made a video on that. Search Wii Nunchuk Quick Fix – Cannibalise A
    Gamecube Controller – Nintendo Repair

  15. @GreenJanuary if a seller is or new or received recent negative feedback
    then paypal will sometimes withhold the payment from them for 21 days (or
    until possitive feedback is left) it’s uncommon, but happens.

  16. @RetroGameTech the hombrew channel

  17. wiis were well expensive then like xbox 360 ps3 money for a wii

  18. @GreenJanuary Yeah pretty happy with what I got apart from those nunchucks.
    But either way it was a pretty sweet deal. I’ve email the seller to see if
    they’ll part refund to cover the cost of the nunchuks. They had already
    told me before they sent the console that paypal were holding the funds
    until I left positive feedback. Hopefully they’ll be cool about it.

  19. @lukemorse1 Lol, I know, no real complaints here :). Seems like half the
    faulty units I pick up are fine and it’s just user error that’s to blame.
    Maybe I’ll get lucky and actually get to repair something some day!, haha

  20. Haha, 50 pounds for it and you didn’t have to do a thing. Now that’s an
    easy repair! Awesome stuff man

  21. @cmoody01 Because the seller was dishonest and intentionally failed to tell
    me the controllers were is such poor/broken condition. Whether I got the
    console working or not is irrelevant. The item was not as described and as
    such it’s going to cost me extra to buy parts I shouldn’t not have needed.
    I can’t stand dishonest people on ebay. And, according to their feedback
    it’s not the first time they’ve done this. You shouldn’t let people take
    advantage of you. It’s the principle of the matter.

  22. almost lost my mind when that happened to me( not knowing the reset on the
    brick). it happened just after the warrantee ran out. kept trying to reset
    the machine for 2 weeks but never tried unplugging the brick lol.

  23. @lookkoolforgirls You can also buy replacement sticks on eBay..

  24. @RetroGameTech they may be trying to scam u to get the good feedback, ive
    never heard of paypal holding funds like that, be careful and let me know
    what happens

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