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Ancient Review: PSP 1000 Series

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  1. The PSP is still is one of my favorite portable systems of all time, hands

  2. you didnt even do a gameplay.

  3. Eugene Tolentino

    Great review dude

  4. Ancient is a Magnavox odyssey

  5. The camera later came out this review is a fail

  6. goldfingerhardcore

    You don’t know how you cracked your screen ? Have you already seen how you
    handle it ?! Be careful with that, dude !

  7. Psp 1000’s durability is way awesome compared to newer ones

  8. it’s pronounced curiosity

  9. Psp 1000’s durability is way awesome compared to newer ones

  10. dude you should have got the gamestop recharged refurbished version it
    replaces the front plate and fixes alot of things

  11. I found one on amazon for $46


    even the camera sony???????

  13. I’m with ya brotha’!!! same here i love my psp 1000 and play my fav games
    all the time!!

  14. Even if it’s refurbised, it’s still the same device so it still doesn’t
    have all the updates.

  15. The 1000 is nice, but I suggest getting the 3000 because it’s newer and it
    has the most current updates where as the 1000 is lacking on some of the

  16. Yeah i guess but it has alot of cool things that the newer one don’t have .
    Good review i sub.

  17. What about if you get it refurbished at gamestop it like getting a new one
    will it have update if it refurbished? The reason i want it because it look
    cool you can remove the analog stick an it better to hold.

  18. Thank you.

  19. if only all reviews were this long, good job

  20. Thank you.

  21. I did have a PSP pouch, but that’s more of a sleeve. Oh well. It’s okay
    because this thing’s outdated plus I only pllay it once awhile so I guess
    I’m not worried about it. But I still wonder what happened because I’ve
    never dropped it, but it just cracked.

  22. The best of

  23. I don’t care what anyone saids the psp 1000 is a tank built to last I still
    own and use my psp1000 today 2013 the 2000 and 3000 always gave me problems
    I went through 3 of the newer models in months they break too easy if your
    looking for one nowadays go with the psp1000 hackable strong shell


  25. whats an ir sensor?

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