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Classic Game Room – SHREK FOREVER AFTER for Nintendo DS review

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  1. We all need Shrek Mark. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

  2. I use to have shrek the third on the psp/xbox 360

  3. i hope by transformers, you mean the new awesome one. Not the crappy film

  4. sorry my bad i was thinking abouth Toy Story 3 for psp not Shrek lol but
    still would like to see that review for psp

  5. dont dissapoint us Mark….we expect a cracker of a review for the new TF
    game…..not like u ever did….lol…..CheerZ

  6. Will you share your PSN screename/360 gamertag so we can play Transformers
    online with ya?

  7. @JIPPIX94 jeez, people like you are a fucking disgrace to american. you
    don’t even know how to write “we’ll”?

  8. Thumbs up if you viewed this just because your day won’t end without a CGR

  9. another shitty game for my R4 😀

  10. You like gobots O_O *runs away in fear*

  11. everytime i see those games (my sister has a NDS) i scratch my head in
    desbelief….i dont know why the fuck does NDS sells are that huge…never
    understood that…never will…

  12. @nairbzaid Hahaha, good one!

  13. Double jumping is a weird concept.

  14. Shr3k.

  15. your stupid aye. i typed tht comment in 8 months ago and u reply 8 months

  16. Two things that would make this game a lot better. 1. Flamethrowers 2. A
    port to the Vectrex

  17. The Dead Gatekeeper

    I love how his conversation gets completely sidetracked from the game HE’S

  18. @migmachata his own fault for preaching 🙂

  19. 2d is soooooo last week

  20. i have a psp and a ds

  21. download full mоvie роор.su

  22. Megastarscreamer

    your epic

  23. I saw the puss in boots ad on this particular review THE IRONY

  24. He should review Fable (1) for the PC if he has one that can run it on full
    setting cuz it lookes FUCKNG AWSOME!

  25. looking forward to that review of Transformers: War for Cybertron

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