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2014 Razer Blade Review – GameTech

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  1. I’m watching this on my blade and its great. Portability for university
    and the power to game. + it has the build quality of a mac, only it looks

  2. Damn that price tag hurts me a bit

  3. To any guy saying you could build a desktop instead a notebook. That’s a
    total stupid and unthoughtful comment.
    Come on, why do notebooks exist even? Because many people need to take
    their computers on the road, in the office or college! And gaming applies
    as well!
    Can’t you just take your desktop on the road? You can, but good luck on the
    weight and form factor even when you’re using mITX cases, and you still
    don’t have a display, keyboard and mouse attached to it
    Are you just wanting to keep your computer at one place for a long time and
    want powerful machine for the price? Go build your customized desktop!
    You are always paying a few hundreds more for a notebook, because there is
    R&D required to bring a good product.
    And I enjoy using my sexy gaming laptop more than a huge brick with dozens
    of cables unable to place it where it’s comfortable. Thank you very much.

  4. whats better this or a alienware 14″
    im about to buy a pc but im not sure what i want to buy

  5. Or, the best option, a desktop! Cheaper and more customizable! Yay!

  6. Build a fucking desktop. If your a real gamer, you stay at home all day. 

  7. If you want to play the games not on the native resolution you don’t scale
    down to 1080p, that’s just stupid, the resolution is 3200×1800 so in order
    to get the scaling perfect you have to go down to 1600×900, then you don’t
    have to change the windows resolution. 

  8. 3200×1800 is fucking stupid. Make 1080p or 1440p IPS version and rate it at
    1800$-2000$ please. And ill buy it. EVEN 900P IPS IS GONNA LOOK AMAZING AND

  9. AbsoluteTerritory

    The real question is(for me at least)… should I get this 2014 model? or
    the Razer Blade – QHD+? If someone can give me some advice, I’d greatly
    appreciate it.

  10. And for the people saying “just get a desktop its more powerful”, if I
    wanted to get a desktop I wouldn’t be searching “gaming laptop” on
    youtube/google, some people don’t stay home and want a powerful machine on
    the go….get it.

  11. I would have appreciated 1440×2560 more, just because it doesn’t really
    matter to me, since regular QHD is more common than QHD+

  12. But can it run crysis?

  13. Uh, i’m purchasing a 1200 dollar desktop that can handle ultra at 70+
    frames. This is a rip off on the highest degree. Maybe it wouldn’t be if
    the battery life were longer. Then the selling point would be that you can
    play your games on a long car ride, or in a plane or something. And the
    fact that it cant play in the native resolution? Insane!

  14. I didn’t know they make MacBooks in black…

  15. The keyboard to the Blade looks just like my Inspiron 15 keyboard. :P

  16. overpriced piece of luxury item. geez. got the same spec from lenovo that
    is an IPS display (except i got NVIDIA 840M 2gb) for only $1300. ..but
    this?? $2400???? tsk tsk tsk

  17. Why give such a high resolution if the laptop cant max games at it?What
    kind of an idiot would but this super expensive gaming machine and play at
    max resolution at only 30 fps?30fps is unplayable.

    Also if you play games at a resolution lower than that of your desktop,then
    the game will become very blurry even if you change your desktop resolution
    to match the game’s resolution.Not all games become full screened even when
    the desktop resolution is lowered.Assassin’s creed black flag for example
    will always be accompanied by black borders if played at lower
    resolutions.And even if the game is full screen it will be very blurry.

  18. i always wondered… why do laptops overheat but handheld systems don’t?

  19. can I shave with the laptop?

  20. Unfortunately boys and girls Razor just informed me their battery is
    proprietary and replacement is a tidy sum. You will have no choice but to
    return the laptop to the mother ship and then they will ship it to some
    other “secrete” repair shop (proprietary) and you get to sit and spin..
    This is a fail for Razorzone and coming at you little maniacs in 24 months
    or so…. booooooo Razor!
    Maybe this purchase was a one time event unless someone can link me to a
    vid on what’s so “secret and special” about opening it up and buying a
    compatible battery.

  21. Strobelight Productions

    Ultimate Razer Blade: 1440p screen, longer battery life (new battery), new
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 

  22. HecticNicksCorner

    the macbook pro comparison is not fair as the blade is actually thinner but
    it stands up higher due to its rubber bottom.

  23. Idk where I’ve heard that background music in the beginning before???

  24. Psst, can build an even stronger PC for even cheaper. Silly silly
    overpriced brand name PC’s XD

  25. Gilles Verbruggen

    16 gb ram instead of 8 and I would buy it

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