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CGRundertow HITMAN: ABSOLUTION for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. I’m watching this on Xmas Day!!!

  2. I love this game.

  3. user27bstroke6

    This game was a love letter to Hitman, but it wasn’t Hitman. It was kane
    and lynch meets splinter cell conviction. 47 wasn’t even a hitman in this
    one, he was Harrison Ford in the fugitive, always on the run, crossed with
    Jason Statham in the transporter making sure he tried to keep the girl
    safe. He cut off his bar code which was insanely symbolic of the
    franchise’s turn in making this one. This game was never what hitman was
    about. Hitman 6 will most likely be bringing back the real hitman
    formula. They are putting the barcode back on.

  4. Safe to say Blood Money was the best of the series.

  5. Ive never been a big hitman fan, but this looks like its accessible without
    being too easy. I def gotta check this out soon.

  6. just noticed it’s free today on xbox live.have never played any of the
    hitman games before,looks interesting.

  7. Games'n' Guitar

    Hitman 6 has just been confirmed. As for this game, it was amazing, but I
    wouldn’t say it was the best in the series. Definitely enjoyed the crap out
    of it. But compared to its older brother Silent Assassin, it’s not quite as
    good. This one is about as good as Blood Money, though, which is saying a
    lot considering how awesome BM was. 

  8. shizmo makaveli

    dr proctor vini jones wants hitman

  9. Why does this amuse you?

  10. looks good but is it blood money good? say what ever you want but x-ray
    vision is a stretch knowing where every enemy/item is because you can see
    through walls takes out of the gameplay experience either sneaking or
    combat: a lot fun and tension comes from unknowing what is on the other
    side of the door is enemy waiting to put a bullet in you or some shotgun

  11. You obviously haven’t played Blood Money. The AI in Blood Money is
    absolutely brilliant and trespassing got you killed fast if you didn’t know
    what you were doing. Going from Blood Money to this absolute (no pun
    intended) travesty is a slap to the face for Hitman fans. Silent Assasin
    was mediocre at best and pales in comparion to Blood Money, the sandbox
    elements of Blood Money were saving the Hitman franchise from
    repetitiveness, so your point is invalid. My argument is undeniable.

  12. when a game is worse than the game that precedes it, then that formula has

  13. And supposedly easily offended… Easy there buddy. Take a load off.

  14. Stupid people get amused easily.

  15. Nathan samuelson

    Too bad this isnt coming to the wii u. Im gonna play this game, but I wanna
    get more time on the wii u. Already beat all the games ported over so no
    reason to buy them again. At least I have mario and zombie u.

  16. نادينا ستي تون

    But … I hate sony it is bad

  17. SuperLinCredible

    You’re stupid.

  18. Better not be any spoilers in this cgr

  19. nice review

  20. Gosh, I wish I could give you credit for that.

  21. Early reviews?!?!? WIN!!!

  22. I got it yesterday

  23. SuperLinCredible

    You’re just adding to it. That doesn’t even make sense.

  24. UnionJackGaming

    Its called ‘early promo copy’ dumbshit.

  25. I love this game. It’s seriously fun and playing it on hard makes it much
    more satisfying.

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