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Review: XBOX 360 Wireless Racing Wheel

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  1. Nick Branchick

    I got this brand-new today for 50 bucks!!!! It was such a steal. If you
    guys are looking for a good wheel that isn’t that pricy this is the wheel
    for you!

  2. Could you ues this on the PC with the wireless adapter for PC 

  3. He talks like Homer Simpson

  4. GideonsPilotLife

    The wire you put into it for force feedback does that go into the xbox or
    is it a mains plug?

  5. Denismam Silva

    it vibrates?

  6. Hey can I get better pedals for the wheel and plug them to the slot on the
    wheel. If so where could I get them from please. Thanks

  7. I wish I can still buy this. heard this wheel work with xbox one too. I
    just got the Thrustmaster 458 spider wheel. I didnt like it becuase got
    short wire. and it only work on xbkx one only nothing else.

  8. I bought racing wheel used and it didn’t come with setup disk. What do I

  9. Does it work on forza horizon?

  10. Does work with gta?

  11. mahmoud aransa

    how much is it

  12. Here in australia it cost like 600 bucks 

  13. getting this NeXT week…
    hopeful its not a lose of Money, but i love steering-wheels, so i had to
    buy it :P

  14. The power is to power the force feedback

  15. SmartForTwoMan

    cool man!
    I have the same controller and i made a video!!

  16. Remi Moussarie

    cool thanks

  17. Actually I have the same problem withe below person.
    I don’t have the adapter for charging. 

  18. Juan David Valets

    Funciona con el PC?

  19. FIFA.SNIPER 101

    Does it work on farming simulator

  20. What does one do w/o the CD driver the wheel came with new?

  21. Эпичный канал Ди Джея Лайфа4

    pedals in complect with wheel?

  22. Kiwanis Wilson

    5:29 lololololol

  23. Can you buy this at eb games

  24. Christian Hartford

    will it work with farming sim on the xbox360

  25. Lucasattack2002

    Ah my wheel broke XD

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