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Least Favorite Nintendo Console, Wii U At Retail & Upcoming Reviews – CGR Undertow

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  1. Like a wooden barrel, Donkey Kong rolls its way to Wii U.

  2. Doesn’t the Xbox One and Ps4 only have like 2 games on it?

  3. I know YouTube’s new policies are complete bullshit, but this channel is
    dying. Admit it, people come here to see reviews, no reviews, no one comes.
    Your website is trash and doesn’t display information well enough for me to
    even be able to find any episodes of CGR Undertow, it’s a jumbled mess and
    should be fixed. And you should upload at least 1 review a week, it might
    not get you payed right now. But having no audience isn’t exactly good in
    this business either.

  4. Kalloran Castalia

    I liked N64 for Zelda and Rareware. Other than that, I was a Dreamcast guy.

  5. I bought an N64 when it launched back in the day and its one of my most
    reviled gaming purchases EVER. As it was the console that marked the
    unfortunate, abrupt shift in nintendo’s business practice where 3rd party
    gaming is largely ABSENT on their consoles. A trend which has continued to
    this day. Some of my favorite franchises of all time are from 3rd parties!!
    I’m not saying the system didn’t have any good games, but it was missing
    out of the majority of titles i wanted to play in that era, and each
    console nintendo has released since then has suffered from that.

    I’ll always appreciate the NES & SNES, but the N64 broke me as a nintendo
    fan from that point onward.

  6. ThatGamerGuy52

    I have to disagree about the GameCube having better games than the N64. A
    good chunk of Nintendo’s largest franchises honestly saw a step down in
    quality going from the 64 to the Cube if you ask me, most notably being
    Star Fox. Adventures was a disaster (and wasn’t even a SF game, at that),
    and Assault was passable, but not up to snuff — awesome on-rails Arwing
    levels… average everything else.

    As for the others, there was Sunshine, which had wonky controls & camera,
    as well as relatively irritating level design (the worst being that
    god-awful watermelon level). Not quite a *bad* game, but not quite a *good*
    one, either. Both GameCube Zeldas, while still very good, suffered from
    relatively barren overworlds — something that can be traced back to OoT,
    but to a much smaller degree (i.e. the Cube games were a lot worse about
    it) — alongside painfully easy enemies, bosses, and dungeons. Double
    Dash!! had ridiculously stiff controls, which pretty much automatically
    makes a racing game bad. Jungle Beat was a pretty cool game in and of
    itself, but I’d argue that even DKC3 was better. The list goes on.

    The only three series to really escape this trend were Metroid, Paper
    Mario, and Smash — though Metroid only counts for its first appearance,
    since Metroid Prime 2 fell into the trap the other franchises did due to
    its less-than-stellar level design, namely in the Dark World. I guess
    F-Zero didn’t suffer the same fate, but it didn’t exactly get BETTER,
    either, so…

    If you can’t tell, yes, the Cube is my least-favorite Nintendo console. I
    by no means didn’t enjoy its games (Adventures aside), but I found myself
    being disappointed by them more often than not.

  7. Green Hat Hero

    The GameCube is probably my favorite Nintendo console, both for its
    comfortable controller and its fantastic, unique library of games, both
    first and third party. I agree that it has one of, if not the best, library
    of games on any Nintendo console. Such a shame that it’s so underrated.

  8. Gamecube>N64 

  9. ye there are only two games….i think he really means the ps4…knack and
    killzone…and both games are shit! nintendo so far has the best and most
    exclusive games:

    -mario 3d world
    -mario bros u
    -luigi u
    -monster hunter 3 ultimate
    -wonderful 101
    -pikmin 3
    -sonic lost world
    -lego city undercover
    -zelda wind waker hd remake
    -zombi u
    -nintendo land

    and soon donkey kong tropical freeze, mario kart 8, bayonetta 2 and smash
    bros comes out!

    +virtual console retro games from nes and snes like all mario games,
    metroid, zelda, castlevania and so on…

    nintendo has an image problem…evryone likes to bash nintendo and dont
    realise how wrong they are…but ps4 sold so much…so it must be the best
    the best console with only two exclusive games that are shit and you cant
    use your ps3 games with the ps4 lol…but it sold best so far…

  10. I love the N64 has alot of fun multiplayer games that i still play to this
    day,as well as amazing games like Zelda:Ocarina,Mario64,StarFox64,the Banjo

  11. CrisisLabProductions

    Gotta disagree on the N64 part. There were some great first party games on
    Gamecube, but N64 had an amazing exclusives library that Gamecube can’t
    even hold a candle to. Two exclusive Zelda games, the revolutionary SM64
    and Super Smash Bros, then you have all of the amazing Rareware titles like
    Banjo, Conker, and GoldenEye , and let’s not forget about lesser known
    greats like Body Harvest.

    Sorry, but N64 wins here. 

  12. Least favorite is probably the n64. I could say Virtual Boy but I’ve never
    actually played one so it would be disingenuous to mention it.

  13. WOAH WHER’D UR HAIR GO!??!?1

  14. Jedidiah Young


  15. Mikey the Libertarian

    Sooo many great N64 games. I think I’d cast another vote for the original

  16. I did enjoy my N64 but I totally agree with you.

  17. Dude I have almost 1500 games. Do you know how long http would take to up
    load!! Took me over a week to put them on my i collect ap

  18. The Virtual Boy is my least favourite Nintendo system. 


  20. My favorite nintendo console and my favorite console of all time period is
    the GamCube. Ps1 is a close second tho. And I can’t say I have a least
    favorite nintendo console. They are the only company that I’ve liked all
    their consoles. I’m not a huge ps3 fan. And I hated the 360. Nintendo I’ve
    liked all of their consoles. That I think is a testament to how great they
    are. While I enjoyed the original xbox. And ps1 and ps2 are in my number 2
    and 3 for favorite consoles. I’m not a fan of ps3 and from microsoft i’m
    not a fan of the 360. SO yeah.

  21. Can you guys review Papo & yo for PC please!

  22. Nik Cumberbatch

    Definitely n64 probably one of the main reasons for playstations success

  23. another downfall for the n64 was the required expansion pack needed for
    certain games to even play correctly

  24. I preordered the N64 at launch and Derek hit it on the head why I was
    frustrated with it while my friend with the first Playstation was playing
    game after new game. I had the same problem with the Sega Saturn. 

  25. My least favorite Nintendo console is the Wii

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