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PS Vita Slim(2000) Review/Borderlands 2 gameplay

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  1. does it give the DLC like the character and the new maps and stuff ?

  2. I have the same thing as that but does all PS vita slim have to be black

  3. 0:29 I think somebody just died

  4. Buy the tigger for your vita if you have large hands

  5. on the vita can you skype and play games?

  6. Hey I noticed you have a nexus 5, I have one myself. The only thing I was
    worried about when purchasing the PS vita is the screen size. Apprently
    it’s 5″ which is the same size as my (our) nexus 5 and that seemed a bit
    small for a gaming device. I was wondering if there was a difference in
    person or if you had any problems with the screen size. Thanks

  7. CigarChompinSarge

    I appreciate your review. I would have loved to see the Destiny Beta
    remoted played on your vita.

  8. Hey man, have the recent updates to Borderlands 2 helped the framerate? I
    kinda want to get it but am afraid it’ll be a choppy mess. It looks great
    in your video though


    I could see myself camped out in the bathroom at school playing

  10. This is a really nice video. Very informative!

  11. JOSEPH!!! 0:28

  12. Carson Brosnan

    20 percent lighter not 15

  13. Christian Mcdonald

    how do you dowload borderlands 2

  14. Adjusteddeer TheXboxPro

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