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PSP Go Video Unboxing

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  1. The PSPgo is just like its name, go away,go in a hole,and go die. I just
    dont understand why Sony did the whole downloaded games only thing. I’m
    well aware that the main motivation for the PSPgo was to make it more
    portable and since Nintendo has the clamshell design going on they chose
    the slide design,i get that. But was there no way to fit a UMD slot in
    there at all??? Right now the biggest thing killing Sony’s handhelds is
    games. The Vita is full of power but lacking games, The PSPgo had potential
    but lacked games due to Sony’s decision. I just dont get them sometimes

  2. Cool,but i just got the PSP3000 now.

  3. The PSP Go was kind of ahead of its time really. Digital games purchases
    weren’t nearly as big back when it was released.

  4. Howl Pendragon

    PSP 1000 all the way!!

    All-in-one PSP, PS1, NES, N64, GBC, GBA, Sega Genesis :p

  5. This is a neat little system. I like that there was an S video cable
    available for it and it supports a PS3 Bluetooth controller. And nothing
    emulated PS1 games like a sony console.

    I already have a Vita but the PSN games available are different between the
    Vita and PSP stores. For instance Gran Turismo (PSP) is available to
    purchase on the PSP and Vita PSN stores but the game does not download onto
    the Vita only a PSP or PS3.

    Personally I’m interested in the PSP Go as a nice micro console for PS1
    games I have lost, sold, or have broken over the years. And I don’t feel
    the need to buy a PS TV or PS3. 

  6. The sad part is, id take this 7 year old UI anyday over the fucking

    FUCK OF SONY!!!!!!!

  7. PSP Go ……..Away….bwahahaha

  8. I’ll stick to my GBA sp.

  9. LetsGameRetards!

    I love this psp!

  10. Is this still worth getting in 2014?

  11. Super Tutorijali™


  12. ThePolkinus 2nd Channel

    PSP go is the only PSP cuz PSP means PlayStation Portable and PSP go is the
    only PSP that is fitting in pocket and it doesn’t need any cases to prevent
    buttons and analog stick from moving. So it’s the best in portability.

  13. They give ps vita no internal and put 16gb internal on THAT! 

  14. psp go+case – 35 euro
    component cable – 5 euro
    charger – 2 euro
    ps3 controller – free (already owned)
    every game for the console – free (hacked+homebrew apps)

    so in total, awesome home console/handheld console for 42 euro

  15. Could you give them away? 

  16. The psp 3000 is better

  17. should i still get one


    PSP GO was considered one big flop, and yet it still sold more than the
    Vita in a year, lol.

  19. I hate my psp go no umd yo can only download games the slider goes in them
    after a wile to…i still play my psp 1001 hacks with nes sega n64
    supernintendo gbc an gba o well everybody has there issues

  20. I prefer a psp go then a ps vita

  21. sloppywomanhole

    Horrible system. Not really understanding why they went with a zune cable
    as well. 

  22. An some ppl dont even know how to work internet nor have it you cant work
    it with out a Connection first 

  23. Rjdguymysteryxxx

    Guy Cocker FTW XD

  24. Yeah, waaaaaayy too soon Sony. 

  25. Datz Randumツ

    I had a buddy who got one of these…riiight around the time the PS network
    got hacked….hyup…best purchase ever!

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