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CGRundertow POKEMON WHITE VERSION 2 for Nintendo DS Video Game Review

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  1. Just ordered White 2 from Amazon yesterday. I already beat Y twice and I
    have white so why not get the sequel while waiting for the New Sapphire I
    reserved? I don’t even mind going back and playing my Gen III but that’s as
    far back as I will go for type reasons and graphics are too brutal on my
    eyes to play my red and blue version any more.

  2. Robloxian Gamer

    Hi Guys Im giving away a Pokemon Black2 Game!!If interested check out my
    giveaway video!!!!!!

  3. MonkeyCrossing2

    Looking back upon gen 5 and gen 5.5 it makes me feel regret to see my copy
    of gen 6 not being able to top this. They tried, but the game just feels
    unfinished compared to gen 5’s games.

  4. someone needs to tell gamefreak the 3ds came out already

  5. SchmuddelGrunge

    I actually thought there wouldn’t be a fight between actual Pokémon fans
    and nostalgiafags in the comments section for once. Silly me.

  6. TechnicalDifficult

    >Implying I didn’t make this account before him.

  7. Not DS, 3DS!

  8. psychicpenguin25

    *sigh* nostalgia fags and genwunners

  9. Get off MrTechnicalDifficult’s dick

  10. So it died the second Ho-Oh flew across the sky in the first episode of the
    cartoon? Or was it when that Pokemon got a name?

  11. should i buy the first version before playing the second? is there a
    significant gap between the two?

  12. Psh, the force of my nostalgia is great enough that I can complete Pokemon
    Red & Blue blindfolded and using only my face. Isn’t going to stop me
    buying Black & White 2, though. ^.^

  13. KrokusRandamity


  14. That’s entirely subjective. Many people (myself included) like a LOT of the
    new designs (while also disliking a lot of them). You’re right about the
    mechanics though, they’ve practically been perfected at this point.

  15. i think gen 5 wasn’t that good but my favorite one was gen 3.

  16. I immediately thought of a diving board shaped like a dick when I read
    that. :V

  17. TJ is my favourite CGR reviewer now. Keep it up man. 🙂

  18. George Vasquez

    You do realize it takes a rather long time to make a new engine. Cut them
    some slack, a Pokemon 3DS game will come out soon enough.

  19. Chemy NoSurfea

    Been there from the start and the Gen 5 games (and most pokemon) are some
    of my favorites. Come at me, bros.

  20. Pokemon Naranja (which is Spanish for Orange) is in fact a real game, its a
    hack someone made of leaf green that covers the orange islands story arc in
    the anime its really crappy tho and not worth reviewing

  21. I have enough of bs reading comment in RE related videos and I see there
    are so many fake fans out there, same thing for pokemon, how can a “fan” be
    a fan of only gen1? “the new ones look like shit, blah blah blah” is their
    arguments …. really? really? of course I can complain about what’s bad
    (mainly because the fire starter is a fighter AGAIN and many other things
    lol) but I still enjoy the game! I agree that I already got used to these
    new feats!

  22. Review Sleeping Dogs!!!!

  23. what the fuck is wrong with dunsparce pleb

  24. It’s so minor I wouldn’t even call it a gripe.

  25. some look like crap dont get me wrong but i think a lot of them look pretty
    damn awesome outside of the starters and most of gen 4, im really not too
    big a fan of the starters. and to be honest i can name more than triple the
    amount of pokemon from gen 3 and 5 that i like than i can from gen 1 and 2
    combined. gen 5 really feels to me like gen 3, really innovative, a ton of
    awesome new pokemon and new moves.

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