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IGN Reviews – Madden NFL 25 Review (PS4, Xbox One)

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  1. Get the one for Xbox 360

  2. Dae'Quon Harrell

    Madden 25 looks like a damn phone app

  3. Hayden Robbins

    Too realistic? Are you fucking kidding me? To much detail? Please never
    review a game again

  4. Spoiled Rotten

    Worst piece of shit I’ve ever played. And no I don’t buy madden say I hate
    it and buy it again next year. I like all of them except for 10 and 25. But
    “manning 25” is the worst piece of shit I’ve ever played. I always play
    with 5 minute quarters and no accel clock in every madden. Madden 13 I
    loved a lot cause games are different like I can win 47-0 in one game 38-34
    in another and 7-6 in another. What I’m saying is games always had
    different scores high & low. This one is garbage I put in on 7min quarters
    and it’s always like 23-17 16-10. It’s a stupid game boring game.
    Interceptions are too high kick returns TDs are too low. I’ve only gotten 2
    kick return TDs in this game one not as my team and the other in practice.
    Really stupid shit. This game is dedicated to the broncos and it’s fucking
    defensive friendly just like madden 10 which is why I hate both of them.
    Beefy linemen can catch up to your halfback, you catch a 30 yard pass and
    you’re immediately tackled and can’t pick up a few more yards. Difficulty
    makes no sense, why can I playthe Seahawks on all madden in play now mode
    and win by being up more than 3 possessions but when I play on franchise
    mode and play the Peyton manning a with the same difficulty it’s always
    like 15 pics in my game, difficulty is not balanced right. The only thing
    that I liked about this game was the teams relocating that was cool but
    knowing my luck madden loves to take the fun parts out that I really
    enjoyed the most, like creating your own team, saving highlights, and
    probably that one too.

  5. EA is just shiiit… Please 2k buy NHL and FIFA some day

  6. this is the worst game ive ever played , waist of money , sold it on now 

  7. Sup..I have Madden 11 for 360 ha(I like it). I havent owned any Madden
    later than that. I just got PS4 is this Madden worth getting? How much is
    it improved compared to Madden 11? What do you guys think?

  8. Ben Stephenson

    What’s the music in the background called?

  9. TheDIOWSubZero

    Angry Joe – YOU DONE FUCKED IT UP!!

  10. 2k needs to make madden games

  11. Raja Raza Ullah

    EA MADDEN NFL 15 Review 2014 Xbox and PS4 – http://go.shr.lc/1nt8JEc 

  12. Raja Muhammad ZIA ULLAH

    EA MADDEN NFL 15 Review 2014 Xbox and PS4 – http://go.shr.lc/1nt8JEc 

  13. This is a terrible review. This dude just sucks at madden and complains. To
    realistic? You sir… are a dumbass

  14. Console Master Race

    The guy who reviewed this game is fucking stupid.

  15. Please bring back NFL 2K15 this year for Next-Gen and Last-Gen!

  16. Filip Valábik

    what a stupid sport

  17. eandjproductions2

    Can’t understand Mr. Mush mouth here. 

  18. pros: a little better graphic, overall gameplay is smoother, menu without
    cons: still not enough tools to scout well, little change in franchise
    mode, AI is still not next gen
    madden is still long way to go
    insteasd of masking fundamental flaws, i think they should start their
    series over ( new programing , new physics, new animation ect..)

  19. I used to love this game… but I don’t get american football in the uk.
    BUT, what I really enjoyed was the franchise mode!

  20. i recall the demo has errbody drinking gatorade after EVERY play. fucking

  21. Tristan Morphew

    The players, especially the quarterbacks look fat as hell. Kaepernick and
    Smith are both skinny but they look friggin huge. Also, Jamaal Charles is

  22. PlaystationFan6036

    EA has messed up a lot, and made a lot of bad games. Madden 25 is not one
    of them. This game is amazing, Owner mode is back with new features and
    even the option to relocate. The realism is amazing too, 100’s of new spin
    and juke moves, a new precision modifier and stumble recovery. Madden NFL
    25 is a great improvement from last year and is an awesome game. 9.5/10

  23. The same program easports use to make NBA LIVE 14 is the same program
    EAsporys use to make MADDEN25. The only reason people laughing at NBA LIVE
    14 because of 2Ksports. The reason people cant see the bullshit in madden
    because its the only NFL game because EAsports bought the NFL license
    because they knew 2Ksports would of put madden out of business just like
    NBA LIVE 14. Im not saying 2ksports is the best game company but EAsports
    knows 2Ksports makes better sports games. I understand the the NFL is the
    reason 2ksports cant make a NFL game because they keep letting EAsports buy
    the license but you know EAsports sucking the NFL dick to get the NFL
    license. But it doesnt matter because EAsports are losing money even with
    the NFL license. Easports had a choice either keep trying to madden better
    then 2kNFL or just buy the NFL license but either way EAsports knew there
    were going to lose money so they bought the NFL license because EAsports
    knew they couldnt make MADDEN better then 2kNFL. 

  24. i only watched this because its being reviewed by BobbYa1984

  25. The textures are horrible

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