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Classic Game Room – NES vs. XBOX 360 review

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  1. I’m a kid (age 11) and I’m not like most kids nowadays. I don’t have an
    Xbox or COD and stuff (my brother has playstation and COD) instead I love
    retro systems. I might ask for an NES or N64 this Christmas. I also like to
    try Atari and Sega too

  2. LiquidEvil Gaming

    regardless of anyone’s opinion about the games libraries (of which nes
    coughs up more original series then Xbox 360 could ever dream of) the 360
    had/has the highest failure rate of any mainstream retail console in
    HISTORY and likely ranks high among consumer devices period. That alone
    makes it lose the battle before anything else does.

    It wasn’t until the slim models the RROD was truly fixed, many fanboys
    claim the elites… Or the Jasper chipsets etc fixed it but this is utter
    nonsense it reduced the problem with each new model but the slim was what
    eliminated it (though even those my first two had disc drive failures) 

  3. I really like how everyone hates on 360 cause it’s new pretty pathetic how
    old nerds make stereotypes of people today over video games when they were
    the same when they were kids

  4. These consoles are completely different. They are almost uncomparable to
    each other because of the differentalites. This review is like comparing
    the ps4 to the n64, or the Wii u to a Sega Genesis, or even a Xbox one to a
    snes. I don’t get how this review makes sense, its completely random and
    out of the blue. That is my opinion only, but this review is just so

  5. nintendo fanboys… pffft

  6. Here comes all the 12 year old xbox fans…..

  7. GravityGamer94

    its all a matter of opinion anyway

  8. Without the NES you wouldn’t have the Xbox 360, didn’t you ever think of
    “Think of the Video Game crash era from 1983-1984″

  9. The NES is the most iconic video game system of all time ! After 30 years
    it still works perfect and people are still loving and talking about the
    NES ! I don’t think or I don’t know if the xbox will still exist after 30
    years 🙂 . I am a NES crazy addicted fan ! I was born and raised with the
    NES , I have a PS4 now but the NES ? It kiks the hell out of my PS4 !

  10. NES will work decades later …. 360 … you’re lucky if it will last you a
    few years ….. later models are better ( lifespan probably improves
    considerable if you install all your games ) ….. but first few models of
    the 360 ( phat ones ) overheat like mad …. consumer nightmare … also i
    love the build quality of old nintendo controllers ( especially SNES ) ….
    … solid buttons , rugged responsive d-pad … 360 controllers on the
    other hand ….more half the ones I buy have either analogue drift straight
    out of the box … or squeeky trigger straight out of the box … or
    sometimes BOTH !!! … nice quality control Microfucks ….shameful
    shoddiness … or maybe I’m just unlucky … granted NES does not generate
    enough heat to kill itself without proper cooling ( once again that’s
    Microsoft incompetance of poor design ) and only have a few buttons to get
    right , and doesn’t have multi sensitive controllers like analogue sticks
    and triggers to worry about …. but whenever I pick up something nintendo
    , I get the feeling of rugged quality ….. and I don’t care if it looks
    like a toy ….Nintendo will always be the Rugged Toyboy we keep coming
    back to …

  11. PC beats them both

  12. I am a teen and I played some NES games on the emulator. 

  13. xbox wins cuz online gta halo and conker

  14. Now if it was the SNES VS. The 360, the 360 would have its A$$ handed to it
    worse than the 7800 did!

  15. is there any actual technical spec the nes is better in?

  16. My NES works just fine bought in 1989…

  17. This review is like comparing Tylenol to Crack Cocaine.

  18. I just have to say NES wins. I don’t even have to watch the video,
    everybody knows.

  19. This is an easy one, NES.

  20. I ordered a retro bit nes console, and I got to say the nes was the best
    console of all time period I’m 13 and I do have a ps3 but its boring. I’d
    choose classic consoles over modern consoles anyday

  21. I was locked out of my xbox profile. NES wins!

  22. I have a NES from launch (1985) and works awesome!!!
    I actually never refurbished or anything, even the zapper works!!

  23. Justin Blystone

    I own an NES and an XBOX 360.
    I haven’t played on the NES in years.
    I just recently got Street Fighter IV for the 360.
    After my brother and his family leave my house, I’ll be performing Hadukans
    left and right.

  24. Daníel Thordarson


  25. NES is the BEST

    Too bad i dont have it :/

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