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How To Open a Nintendo Wii Console

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  1. i think some bugs got in my wii and its not turning on i hear rattling
    noises from within the wii and i want to take it out, the fan isnt spinning
    either i think my wii is done

  2. I followed the instructions and ended up with my Wii on the oven.

  3. Shit i dont have any of those screwdrivers and dont know how but i managed
    to get my pincers stuck inside my wii

  4. Sofie Österlund

    bra sidahur man öppnar wii

  5. where the fuck is the camera in the video?

  6. What if it breaks my wii? I am only 9 and my little brother put coins in it
    what do I do? Please reply with appropriate words.

  7. What types of screwdrivers did you say. A phillips. Phillipson. And what?

  8. @JTProductionsChannel no.

  9. Just got mine open after double checking what I was doing on here – rescued
    27p out of it! Damn small children lol. Just re-assembling now… Fingers
    crossed for me please!

  10. @CODpatriot123 Same in the UK, Nintendo are the only company I have ever
    seen to use them, but I think other small electronics places may do

  11. My 2year old had stuffed coins and papers into the CD slot. Thanks to your
    videos, I was able to open it, clear the obstruction, and put it back
    together. Thank you.

  12. where do i get the 1st screwdriver

  13. thanks for vid i need to open my wii because my little brother put coins

  14. just go to amazon or ebay

  15. its probably dirty. you just need to take it to a place were they can fix
    video game consoles

  16. MrBlackShadow8

  17. Hi can you make a viedo on how to remove a SD card from the CD drive
    because i put it in by accident and now it is stuck

  18. Chris Jakubowski

    £25 + Parts

  19. will this expire the warranty?

  20. this is almost commercial 😀 lol look at his youtube name! wiichipcouk
    lolol but still good video. So hard…

  21. how can u open a 3 sided screw

  22. ey man do u know what to do when you put a disc in the Wii and then it
    shows a black screen and it says troubleshooting and stuff…..cuz my cusin
    has that problem and im trying to fix his wii….like i put all his wii
    games and it wont read them at all…only the gamecube discs work but not
    the wii discs……pleaaase help man please help and thnx

  23. Thank you sir! My kids decided to put a wii and gamecube game inside of it.
    Had to dissect the drive which only takes about 4 more screws at the end of
    this video.

  24. Theda K. Rogers

    If there is a dvd inside, will this open up the dvd section so you can take
    it out without damaging the dvd? Thanks so much! My Wii stopped
    working/won’t turn on, so I bought a new one but there’s a dvd inside of
    the broken one.


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