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PS VITA: God of War Collection Review

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  1. Nicholas Marcelin

    Are you guy’s excited for God of War on the go!

  2. It’s not great at all. It was a lazy port. The gameplay graphics look
    average at best, but the cutscenes are horrendous. They’re blurry and
    pixilated. We already have God Of War on the go. It’s called Ghost Of
    Sparta for the original PSP, and it looks better than the HD collection for
    the Vita. 

  3. Wow they don’t have the third

  4. Thomas Mulvanny

    If you want this game’s bug and crashes fixing the please sign this
    petition =D:

  5. Your review is dishonest, untruthful and false. This is a PORT of the one
    on PS3 and not made FOR Vita. And because of that it has SEVERAL PROBLEMS
    that makes this the WORST WAY TO PLAY. GoW on Vita does NOT look good. It
    runs slow fps AND stutters quite frequently…too frequently. The whole
    game is stretched out to fit the Vita screen and does NOT have “all” the
    game in tact–it is more bare and desolate , does not have as many enemies
    at same time. The whole game looks out of focus throughout. The audio is
    so compressed that ALL sounds and voice and Sfx sound like CRAP, the music
    sounds like crap. The back touch-pad use is stupid and sometimes pulls
    levers unintentionally.
    You LACK every single quality that makes one a good reviewer. You
    OBVIOUSLY do not have good perception. You say it never looked better??
    REALLY?? That tells us that your sense of reality is shit. LOOK AT IT, cant
    you TELL it looks like crap? Can’t you tell it sounds like shit?? NO, you
    can’t because your review said otherwise. You don’t have an eye for
    discernment, and instead of being honest you use words to hide the truth
    with your “technically it’s HD”. You are not sincere or genuine or
    authentic and therefore I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!!

  6. There was God of war for the PSP

  7. great video, ordering on the 15th

  8. Antonio Albarran

    Hey nicholas you should review rogue legacy!!

  9. Yes! more old ports! just what I bought my Vita for idk about you guys!
    also can’t wait to get the scaled/toned back Borderlands 2 port for the

  10. Thomas Mulvanny

    The games target 60fps on PS2 and PS3, they DO NOT target 60fps on Vita,
    and often run BELOW 30fps. Watch Eurogamer’s God of War Vita Digital
    Foundry video – they run and look worse than PS2.
    If you want these games fixing so that you can actually enjoy them, then
    please sign this petition.
    I set up the petition because I’m sick of Vita fans being screwed over with
    truly lazy ports.

  11. Is there literally no graphical upgrade at all? Because I think it looks
    nice. Maybe not exactly PS3 nice, but better than PS2.

  12. archer gonzales

    sad coz its banned here in saudi arabia :(

  13. 1234gamefreak1

    So… Remote Play GoW Collection or Vita Version GoW Collection? :L

  14. WTF?! Both GOW game run at 60fps on the PS2! 

  15. It still baffles me why they couldn’t have included GOW3, especially
    because of the way the second one ended. If they port that one over, I
    might buy the collection. For now though, I think I’m gonna pass on this

  16. Thank u sony. Got it 4 free

  17. God of War Collection on PlayStation Vita is cool, especially with Dual
    Analog Sticks, but having to use the Rear Touchpad to make Kratos pull
    levers, open Chests such as Health (green), Magic (blue), Red Orb (red), or
    Item or moving objects … why wasn’t this assigned to a button like the R
    Button? That would make more sense.

  18. Lebryant_Jordan

    Like he said, it’s amazing and it’s great.

  19. Whoa! The game runs at 60FPS on the Vita? I know when playing this via
    remote play, it ran at 30FPS.

  20. great review dude never played god of war 1-2 been looking for a new game
    n its a great series you sold me

  21. sean truesdale

    Absolute shit the touch screen timed event literally break the game 

  22. I’d like to see Origins Collection on PlayStation Vita

  23. KING Grimpachi

    Yeah lets not talk about the low frame rate 

  24. so is the framerate exactly the same as original ps2 versions and sometimes
    maybe even better? I ask because I heard that is not the case in some areas

  25. So it looks like these trophy lists are separate from the GOW Collection
    physical release? I’d love to platinum GOW 2 again; it’s my favourite from
    the franchise.

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