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Psp 1000 Gamestop Recharged Refurbished Unboxing

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  1. Jason Rodriguez

    Can you send me a link where you found this?

  2. TheLegendkiller2100

    Why would they take off the psp on the front but leave the one on the
    back?o_O That’s just dumb that they would take out the logos especially the
    psp logo.

  3. does it come with a memory card?

  4. Is this the latest psp. Psp 1000 is it the latest psp please answer

  5. well that sucks they replaced the casing, if I was buying a 1000 it would
    be for collecting purposes which means I would want everything to be there
    from when it was originally around. If I want to play a psp it would be the
    3000 or just my vita

  6. I bought this when i was a kid and put it in my closet next to my wii and
    never played it. it sucks im about to sell mine on ebay

  7. I got psp in stock from gamestop

  8. that’s what I will gets

  9. Y didnt u just get the ps vita

  10. BOAG(BeastOfAllGaming)

    oh was about to get the PSP 1000 recharged refurbished by Gamestop but i
    did not know there was no memory card

  11. Having a tough time deciding between this ans the 2000 non recharged
    refurbished psp’s. If someone could answer this it would be a great help

  12. Frankee Benstead

    That’s old

  13. That’s not a PSP 1000 that’s a PSP 3000

  14. Come I will rape u

  15. David Gonzalez

    What is better a psp or ps vita

  16. what software do you use to make your intro

  17. Panin koranteng

    i dkskofjhdfhjfuydruieuifcuyfuyduidyteuydiovifkudcikduiyuy

  18. Does it come with a memory card

  19. My refurbed psp had the logos missing as well : / (EB games)

  20. Psp is cool but i think ps vita is way better


  21. TheFamicomPenguin

    I really hate the new shell replacement. I makes the PSP-1000 look like a
    cheap Chinese toy from some random dirt shop.

  22. StumblingTech 34

    Emma Jonson has a similar pic to mine

  23. xXKaneki_GhoulSAOXx

    this psp must be fake just that it will be orperaterd

  24. Gamestop

  25. The best psp at the time, kids born today that think the wii is great
    wouldn’t know.

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