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CGR Undertow – SPLINTER CELL: CHAOS THEORY review for Nintendo DS

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  1. Why the hell is there question marks and exclamation points above the
    guards heads when you get caught? This isn’t Metal Gear! 

  2. You didn’t mention this game was actually a ngage game ported on the DS

  3. I got this game at a garage sale with some other games with no idea what it
    was. I kinda want to try the multiplayer, but alas, no one else I know has

  4. This game looks like it was ported to the PS1 or N64.

  5. 3:52 STEFANO!?

  6. will you do a video on the new splinter cell 3D for the 3DS?

  7. i think it’s good

  8. It would work on the VITA, it’d also work on the 3DS

  9. Cecilia Terrile

    2005,rings any bells?

  10. The awesome Amon Tobin soundtrack remained though.

  11. 2007pepsilover

    Yeah, but everyone knew if you wanted the best console version the xbox was
    far superior as it and the pc version was the original version.

  12. ThePointGrabber

    Not really it was released for other consoles.

  13. I remember spending $40 on this game mostly because Nintendo Power gave it
    a high score. What really sucks about this game is most of the missions are
    no kill ones, and they hardly give you non lethal ammo and no non lethal
    take downs.

  14. You aren’t wrong. But the one on 3DS is also a port of Chaos Theory. It’s
    kinda meh…

  15. Spider's Gaming Arcadia

    It looks like a PS1 version of Splinter Cell…….not great.

  16. It is actually ok. I hate how u have to use the buttons for the camera but
    a pretty good port for a game otherwise

  17. splinter cell 3d make me cry… why ubisoft!!!!! why!!!!!

  18. AmericaTheEngravy sauce

    now i know what splinter cell would look like on the psone.


    your right i checked

  20. How is the 3DS port?

  21. How does Blacklist stack against this?

  22. Cecilia Terrile

    slow and methodical is no good for portable?,curius,the 2 games consider to
    be the best games of the PSP are stealth games

  23. So they basically re-released this for the 3DS…

  24. I think they already made a Splinter Cell 3d for the 3DS.. I could be very
    wrong about that though

  25. Well if you paid any attention at all, you would see that was the problem
    with the game. A console game trying to fit on an inferior tech handheld.

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