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Review: PlayStation 4 (PS4) – Is it Worth the Money?

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  1. Is the online on PS4 free?

  2. Can someone lend me some money to buy a ps4 for my brothers birthday?

  3. Says this video isn’t bashing the XBOX ONE; then commences to bash at the
    end. Nice. I ain’t mad atcha. I own a 360 myself; and am about to cop a
    PS4. You get more for your money. I like the fact that I’ll be able to use
    my current Turtle Beach headset with the system, and I won’t have to spend
    rididulous amounts of money for accessories like Plug & Play kits,
    adapters, or batteries. FREE AAA titlkes is also a PLUS. So for the money,
    I’M THERE DUDE! Gaming comes first. All that other shit is meh. Good

  4. caden whistler

    should I get a ps4 or xbox 360?

  5. My ps3 broke a month after the ps4 came out…. Illuminati !!!!!

  6. got them both the xbox one is cool to pretty much the same thing its all
    about what exclusives you like sony or mc I like both so got both

  7. FIREandICEXD Animations

    My friends are talking about getting a ps4 and if i get it it will be my
    first console but I don’t want an xbox one because it’s not worth it so i
    want this so any advice

  8. After seeing ps4 gameplay at my local game store, im not that impressed,
    the graphics are only slightly better, im not willing to pay £300-£400 for
    slightly better graphics when my ps3 looks fine, if the console goes into
    the £200 region, i might get it

  9. Well the console cost almost 600 dollars here in Sweden. 1 centraler and

  10. caden whistler

    yes thats the good part about it

  11. The xbox one isn’t 500 dollars anymore

  12. I got another infamous game that will change ps4’s life although

    Some of the story would be like assasin creed revelations :p but when I
    make my first video I might aswell say what I want to see in it

  13. thebossmaster99

    >does not own an xbox one
    >says xbox isnt worth the money
    totally non-biased review 1000/10

  14. Just gonna say GDDR5 Memory isn’t anything new.

  15. great video. I like it when people say their opinion rather than the usual
    cliche “it all depends on you” gets annoying over time

  16. Rafael Mirtsekis

    Belive it or not my friends like the dualshock 3 MORE than the Dualshock 4

    B.T.W My friends are NOT gamers

  17. I wish I had bought the ps4 instead of my PC but I’m saving up I got 100
    bucks 300 more to go

  18. ThatRandomJack Gaming Channel

    It’s his opinion and you guys should just respect that it’s his choice and
    yes the ps4 is worth it.

  19. Man! It looks spectacular! It’s just so expensive! ;c

    “There goes your rent.”
    I can hear my mom now haha

  20. What did u record that with

  21. Wow touch screen that doesn’t show a display and a blue light on the back..
    ha ha ha what bullshit. jokes its a great console.

  22. How much is it

  23. CrEw_Pavel Volkov19_

    that’s an awesome video, i have an ps4 myself too and i like it as much as
    i liked ps3 console…………………………. XBOX is a piece of S*****

  24. both of the xbxo one and ps4 are cool

  25. Review: PlayStation 4 (PS4) – Is it worth the money?

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