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CGR Undertow – TALES OF XILLIA review for PlayStation 3

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  1. I just bought this game a moment ago.
    I’m pretty excited, because I love RPGs & colorful anime.
    Can’t wait to start playing this game.
    Although I’m also sad, since RPGs demand lot’s of hours to play & I don’t
    have much time for games these days.

    One reason for purchase was the four player possibility in this game.
    I was looking for multiplayer games, but it’s getting harder & harder to
    find one.
    I’m of course talking about ORIGINAL multiplayer experience, not online mp.

  2. time to buy this with tales of graces…… I am playing Final fantasy but
    the turn based stuff isn’t my cup of tea but this combat system makes me
    happy. I like action based combat in Rpg’s ( I don’t mind turn base just
    don’t prefer it )

  3. so the voice acting is bad?
    let me clarify this for you:
    nearly every person on this planet claims that the voice acting of your
    native language in an anime or JRPG is horrible.
    English is not my native language (as you can tell from my bad grammars)
    and i absolutely loved the voice acting of this game (yes even millas).
    …see what i`m trying to point out?

  4. Xillia and amazing soundtrack??????? Nice joke

  5. All Tales games seemed to be really similar. I just noticed the other day
    while playing Vesperia, every game has a traitor. EVERY game. Whether they
    betray you in the beginning, middle or end, you get betrayed. There’s
    always the big boobed character that the flat chested character
    hates(That’s most jrpgs really lol). Even thiugh they’re riddled with plot
    twists, they’re usually unexpected. 

  6. My first Tales game, I went the whole hog and got the C.E. and wasn’t
    disappointed. Really well made statue and excellent game.

  7. Tales of Failia. Graces f FTW

  8. I actually liked the voice acting and this is a very good RPG and I
    figured out the controls are good and felt like like a beat um up or
    fighting game with all the combinations

  9. symphonia is still the best. can’t wait for the hd remaster.

  10. shitehawk mcfuckface

    Absolutely brilliant game. But symphonia is better.

  11. Never Knows Best

    really loved the combat system in this game 

  12. Hard to find anything wrong with Xillia… liked it more than Graces and
    Legendia, but I still liked Abyss, Vesperia, and Symphonia a little more.

  13. This game was fun, but when you complete the game, that’s it. No extra
    content that is prone to Tales games. I own both this game and the
    sequel(jap versions) and this game was just medicore. Best way to describe
    is, it’s a fun game when you are doing everything besides fighting boss
    battles. People who have played previous Tales titles will understand this.
    Sure there is a post dungeon, but it isn’t enough for me to get excited
    for. X2 was really good though, although be warned guys, lots of areas are
    re used. But there is a lot of extra content in the sequel, and overall a
    much better game than this one.

  14. This game is tons of times better than tales of graces

  15. Exillia, the official pronounce is Exillia

  16. BloopinDaThird

    Tales of Xillia 2 and tales of Zeliria coming to AMERICA

  17. SGR: Shina Game Reviews & More

    テイルズ オブ (エクシリア)

    エクシリア E-ku-shi-ri-a (drop the “u” in ku (ク) and pronounce the “r” as an

    and that is how you pronounce Xillia 

  18. Lets end this FINAL GALE!

  19. Willball forsoup

    This game was 20$ new during black Friday. Its sitting in its shrink wrap
    waiting for me to finish with finals. 

  20. “and now that i’m done summarizing star ocean the second story…”

    OH OH OH!!!

  21. I have Tales of the Abyss, and I haven’t been bothered to really figure it
    out (or beat it)

  22. I tried to like this game. I did. I liked how you could find treasure both
    on objects in the environment and in chests… but the story just couldn’t
    hook me. It was just needlessly, even stupidly, silly and over-complicated.

    It’s even worse when you consider Knack, which has been panned across the
    board for its extreme difficulty and repetitive gameplay, DID hook me… up
    to the point I earned its elusive platinum.

  23. CornishCreamtea07

    My favourite Tales of game was Abyss, now it’s between Abyss and this.

  24. StopForChildren

    This is the best for my ta
    Battle system great, not a linear World, 4 multiplayer coop, link system,
    finally no teens, music and one of the best intros ever in tales by Ayumi

  25. I like the stories in these games but i hate the combat system in tales
    games , i tried to play abyss and played for 3 hours cus of the amazing
    characters, but i dreaded the combat :(

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