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PlayStation 4 Glacier White Destiny Bundle Unboxing (PS4 First Impressions + Review)

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  1. Unboxing of the PS4 Glacier White Destiny Bundle. I wish it was mine! 

  2. Well I know what gift to get my friend for his birthday

  3. I have an xbox one and eventually want to get a PS4. Do you think this
    bundle is worth me jumping in on the PS side of things?

  4. When did you say the stand alone version is coming out? I’d get that but
    the black one looks so sleek. But the white looks soncool…lol. and I have
    a feeling there’s gonna be a Blue one later on

  5. I already have a black Ps4 but would love a white one without losing any of
    my data.

  6. will this box set still be around at christmas time?
    AND does destiny have any campaign single player or do you need to pay
    monthly to play it on the Ps4

  7. Could I just get the white ps4 itself anywhere?

  8. I payed $427 for playstation 4 destiny bundle, the cheapest out there on
    black friday 

  9. Wait you’re an asian?
    Wow, i didn’t knew that :0

  10. When I they going to stop selling the white ps4

  11. Angry Blake Griffin

    The mic isn’t that bad, well, hearing out of it anyways, Don’t know about
    speaking, but it breaks easy even if you don’t use it.

  12. I dont know why everyone bitches about the microphone… take care of your
    sh*t and it will work just fine.

  13. The box said that the bundle comes with a 30 day trial of Playstation Plus
    so you can play online. Is that card in the Destiny game case or something?

  14. @Tetra Ninja what headset/mic thing do you recommend for COD Ghosts online
    cause I also just went to gamestop for my glacier white PS4. Please respond
    if possible, thhank you :)

  15. i want this bad or a xbox one

  16. hey tetra are you gonna do a gameplay for naruto ultimate ninja storm

  17. Why do you not post any Xbox One content on your channel? As a long time
    fan it surprises me that you only play on PS4 and ignore you’re whole Xbox
    fan base. And please no fanboy responses. 

  18. Are the LED lights the same?

  19. EX tra Joss lanAudreyHut


  20. The ps4 looks beautiful ! Damn i want one

  21. Give me throw back ps4 with classic characters like spyro, or give me

  22. You should try the ps4 mic Nic its realy not that bad 

  23. First

  24. i prefer black

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