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Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia In-Depth Review – Xbox One & PC Racing Wheel

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  1. Review of the Thrustmaster TX! Would appreciate if you check it out! Leave
    a like if ya enjoy it :)

  2. FraserMacLellanTV

    Does this wheel work good on Euro truck simulator 2?

  3. Do you thinks it’s worth the price it cost.

  4. QUESTION. So I have the TX wheel but when I turn it it seems to click, and
    at some point while turning, it develops some kind of squeaky sound, and
    also a clicky sound, but its not that loud so.. Im not sure, anyone having
    this issue? I saw some on google with this but not really an decent answer

  5. Great review 🙂 You should do more vids like this if you can! :)

  6. does the race, sport, cbt, ct thing work in the botomn left corner?

  7. Possibly a stupid question, but is it worth the price of the Xbox One

  8. Nice review bro! 

  9. Aarav does the wheel vibrate when you press the brake pedal?

  10. lonely soldier boy

    Would the Ferrari F1 wheel addon work with the TX base in Xbox One?

  11. you should watch this video with 0.5 speed. Very very hilarious :-D

  12. Thrustmaster need to bring out the ps4 wheel:)

  13. Would this wheel EVER work on the PS3/PS4? I know it says “Xbox One & PC”
    but I have used things made for Xbox 360 but then worked on PS3… 

  14. Matthew Hunter

    came for the review, stayed for the beacon academy top.

  15. Can you please do a review on the 458 Spyder by thrustmaster?

  16. Considering replacing my T500 base with the TX. The one think i always
    missed from my G25 was the base size.


    you tried the stock T500 GT rim on the RX? I know the static shifters are
    missing but i have the r8 shifter for gears so im interested to see if the
    drivers detect the original t500 rim.

    great video. check my page its right up your street.


  17. It is the cheapest wheel you can buy for Xbox One at the moment, the
    cheaper one does not have Force Feedback.
    So i am definately getting this, i play racing games on PC and very likely
    Xbox One in the future.

  18. Benoit Chauche

    Is there any FFB ?

  19. gas and brake are supposed to be close together. when you have large feet,
    as in my buddy with his size 13s driving a honda delsol, you use just the
    tips of your feet. the brake needs to be closer to the throttle for
    performing racing techniques like toe-heel engine rev matching on

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