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Resident Evil: HD Remaster Review – PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC {Full 1080p HD, 60 FPS}

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  1. R3DPlaystationFilmer

    +MixalisRed7 and Everyone else. About the 60 FPS. I was under the
    impression that game ran 60 FPS on next gen consoles and PC, but apparently
    it’s just for pc. It’s not that big of a deal. It runs smoothly and good.
    Now for my videos, my recorder automatically records it at 60 fps so I’m
    guessing it upscales it so no matter what the videos that I record look
    good. There isn’t a need to dislike because of that. I have a thorough and
    in-depth review.

  2. R3DPlaystationFilmer

    @ James Hunter, I never said the old one sucked. I’m just showing how far
    it has come. I did say the graphics sucked. And they do in the original.
    Compare that old one to the graphics now and tell me that they look just as
    good. You don’t need to preach to me. I like resident evil and am not a
    prepubescent noob as you called it.

  3. R3DPlaystationFilmer

    +Anarchist 94 The game only has Very Easy, Easy and Normal unlocked at the
    beginning. You have to beat it once at least to unlock hard.

  4. hope they do resident evil 2 in the future. 

  5. Anthony Amburn

    Lol the camera angles are fixed. There supposed to be like that. It’s not
    that they are bad. It supposed to make you wonder what’s around each

  6. Wow I cant believe. Has gaming came full circle? I was so freekin stocked
    with my new £400 PS 1 in 1996. This game, wow.
    Remasters, HD re-releases. Im 50 50 on this. I would like this type of game
    play to appear once more. But not in a remake. Nearly 20 fuckin years.
    I might give this a try. But, in 1996, in the dark bedroom lights off, with
    a light grey PS 1 controller, on a Sony 14″ Trintron, with antique mono
    sound. cant be remastered.

    Also, has this opened the flood games for numerous remasters/remakes to be

  7. +R3DPlaystationFilmer I’m just wondering: How were you able to play
    Resident Evil Remastered and upload a review on January 18th when the game
    wasn’t released until just yesterday?

  8. Can you play whit that clothes from the begining? 

  9. Does the choice of character effect the difficulty of this game in the same
    way it did with the original 1996 release? The way you talked about the
    difficulty made it seem like it doesn’t effect it. It’s cool that you can
    play the game on the PS4 as well as 3. I don’t know of any other case where
    that was so.

    I wasn’t aware FF XV was in development that long. The graphics look
    awesome, but then the series has always had awesome graphics. The gameplay
    seems rather dumbed down.

  10. TheeOneWhoTalks

    tbh the voice acting is one of the best parts of the original game. and the
    writing hot damn, *jill almost dies* ‘that was too close, you were almost a
    jill sandwich’. beautiful. 

  11. Should I get it if I never played it before?

  12. this was the best remake ever! i grew up with this on the playstation back
    in the 90s i remember when i rented it from blockbuster , damn good stuff
    on the xbox one

  13. Miguel Garibay


  14. What are the differences in very easy, easy and normal difficulties? I have
    never played this game, so I dont know for sure which difficult I should do
    my first walkthrough. Thanks for the review!

  15. Awesome review. I hope they remaster 2 and nemesis also.

  16. TheCodedtestament

    In my humble opinion, this is still Resident Evil in it’s purest survival
    horror form. In terms of atmosphere no other game in the series comes even
    close. As with every game, time has left its mark, but if you can look past
    that you’re getting – in my opinion – the best Resident Evil game there is.

  17. luishomeroremohsiul

    Everyone wants a RE2 remake like its a really sipmle thing to do.. the
    thing is, RE1 first went through a massive overhaul when it was remade for
    the gamecube, THEN this version came along. They would have to do exactly
    the same with RE2, since of course, practically every graphical asset from
    the game needs to be redone from scratch.

  18. I don’t remember that game looking that bad. Its been so long since the
    first playstation. 

  19. Chucklehead Kev

    Downloading this now, cant wait to play it again… 

  20. Airtrooper719 XBL

    I remember being shit scared playing this as a kid on PS1. Well, im a fully
    grown man now, and I still shit my pants playing this remake, I love it!!!

  21. Can’t wait to buy this one all over again- just wish they’d give RE 2 and
    Zero the same HD-remastered treatment.

  22. TheBeautifulGamer

    Thanks for the review. Is this a digital only game or can a physical copy
    be bought? Can’t get a definite answer when I google it, just a release
    date. EDIT – should have waited another 20 seconds for the answer :)

  23. The analogue stick controls look horrible compared to the tank controls. To
    play I’m sure it’s feels better and easier but the characters just flick
    round and it looks terrible.

  24. Your attitude against people pirating games and buying used is pathetic,
    fuck you goody two shoes

  25. KrGsMrNKusinagi0

    CE-34878-0…. Crashes every time at barry when he hands you the grenade
    launcher.. This blows chunks

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