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Mario Kart 64 (N64/Wii Virtual Console) Review

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  1. YellowFroggy33

    6:01 Avoid Seisures!

  2. Dude your review sucks. You stutter way too much and sound like a virgin
    nerd. And you don’t know nothing about video games. They ain’t “pictures”
    they are called 2D sprites… The tracks are made of polygons while kart
    racers and some trees are sprites…

  3. I might buy this today but if I do will me and my brother be able to race
    each other and computers at the same time like you can on wii

  4. Not to be mean, but it COSTS MONEY to buy this game…. and COSTS MONEY to
    send this game… your like asking for free money.

  5. i personally loved the “picture” look of the characters, gave it a great
    feel, i think they looked great.

  6. the thing that stinks about this game is that you cant unlock anything but
    if you could that would make the game much better.

  7. So u can’t save on virtual console games? So If I were to get super Mario
    64 I couldn’t save my progress?

  8. ive played it all these years and never board of it but don’t have it

  9. I got that on the N64 🙂 good Review and i enjoyed it

  10. George Maguire

    i’ve had this game for ten years and i’m still not bored of it

  11. xkrazyxboix101

    Mariokart 64 owns!

  12. @rupell42 u can save with most games.. some games you cant

  13. @HMBoy666 yes but it’s optimized for the classic controller

  14. it has all th option from the wii but wifi options and you save time trials
    and you can do 2 player grand prix

  15. Very Nice review, thanks for uploading it 🙂 But can someone please tell me
    how many blocks this takes on the Wii? PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!!

  16. Jose luis pantoja

    yes mk wii is better but only $10

  17. videogameobsession

    good video. nice job. Have you played the original N64 version of this?
    Unfortunately the emulation is really buggy, especially when playing 4
    player split screen. 🙁 The later stages run at a higher frame skip to keep
    it from slowing down, but by doing this the make it really choppy and near
    impossible to take smooth turns like on the n64.

  18. sounds fun i’m going to try it

  19. EXTRA = 150cc mirror

  20. YellowFroggy33

    I’m glad they put Koopa Troopa back in Mario Kart Double Dash!

  21. presstartoplay

    The colors is darker on VC.

  22. @droppod503 how odd. :/

  23. download pls???

  24. nice review keep it up

  25. Think about if Mario Kart 64 would have online multiplayer when you buy it
    on Virtual Console. That would be SO AWESOME!!!

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