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Chrono Trigger DS Review for the Nintendo DS

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  1. Japanese Role Playing Game

  2. I want this game, but im a little skeptic. Im not that into J RPG’s but it
    looks pretty nice tho. Would you recomended it to me? Woot…. first….

  3. I think it means Japanese.

  4. Swiftydrummer29

    More SNES remakes need to be made. like the old 2d games like metroid. I
    never got into final fantasy 3 or 4 for ds because of the enhanced
    graphics. just felt weird…. i like the originals way more

  5. No problem man, thanks for watching!

  6. the text in the dialog boxes in the game looks a bit tough to read on my

  7. YES!!! i was waiting for this review 😀 this is one of my favorite games
    ever!!! thank you for reviewing the game Tim! 😀

  8. justiceiscoming

    More SNES ports on DS! It just works. D-Pad, 4 face buttons and 2 shoulder
    buttons. I want to play Super Metroid on the go!

  9. If you’re not that into JRPGs, I still would say Chrono Trigger is a good
    place to start. Most RPG fans I’ve known, even those who typically hate
    most JRPGs, still love CT because it’s so fun to play. It’s known as one of
    the best games of all time for a reason. 😉

  10. How is keeping the graphics the same insulting? I don’t get that. Changing
    the graphics is insulting. You have it backwards ProjectCOE. If they
    changed the graphics, then geez, it wouldn’t feel like CT to me. Hardcore
    fans would not want that at all. It’s risky and alienating.

  11. what’s with the text? it looks all squeezed and pixelated.

  12. Yeah i agree, but i guess he wwas expecting something like final fantasy
    4’s remake for ds.

  13. The game? If so, i used to like it. But now im tired of it.

  14. Auguste Tisseyre

    Japanese Role Playing Game 🙂

  15. justiceiscoming

    Do you like Pokemon?



  17. so its copied you say its not full so its the full game with extras just no
    updates (besides glitches) or it it like a little bit of the original?

  18. metalupyourass11

    Great review, i cant find this game in Australia 🙁

  19. this is finaly released on the virtual console on the wii world wide!

  20. Epic one play through challenge: Go to the Black Omen in the future, then
    go back every time period one by one. Boat load of items, massive

  21. awesome video games

    pixelated is the word. why is the text not sharpened? the ds has high
    enough resolution to produce crisp sharp text

  22. Unused Channel

    u forget to tell aboute the cutscenes:P

  23. I totally agree with you on Super Metroid. Hopefully Nintendo will realize
    people want some more 2D Metroid.

  24. Reign Stradamus

    “Other M” is looking awesome, though.

  25. justiceiscoming


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