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Acer Aspire V Nitro Gaming Laptop Review [Black Edition]

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  1. Booredatwork.com

    @Adeojo, I think it is 

  2. How is the build quality compared to the y70?

  3. How is the touchpad? All the reviews I’ve read are indicating that it’s so
    atrocious, that the entire laptop isn’t worth using because of it (if you
    ever want to use it).

    Also, how many hours would you say you can do something as simple as
    browsing the internet (such as watching videos, etc)? Is the battery life
    acceptable as far as using this as a “work” laptop?

  4. whats with these Black editions? Why there’s no Asian or Mexican edition?
    one would come with free calculator and the other one with free poncho :D

  5. HellomynameisRyanfirstoutindeedgooglelikesmesomuchtheybotheredmeuntilmynamewasthislong

    Weird people kept comparing stuff here and there, for real the v nitro v17
    is more like a luxury for me kinda, the bluray drive is really not needed,
    as in v15 version they had same specs just the optical drive maybe gone and
    with everything on the right too. But the cooling system, sound system,
    screen IPS is better than competing laptops like y50/70 or RoG g551j
    series, heck it is even quieter than the other laptops when on Heavy Load.
    Totally nicely built one from Acer for an entry level its a bang for the
    buck if you check the lower price models

  6. andola jackson

    humm the 860m sli edition is selling for 999$ at newegg currently. Though
    its the 15.6″ 1080p version, im not entirely sure if the screen panel is of
    the same quality as the 17″ version though the sli performance at the
    cheapest price ive seen for sli 860m laptops makes this quite the bargain i
    think im going to get one

  7. Question I was thinking about getting a laptop for traveling and gaming. I
    just wanted to know if there were any other keyboards that are thin like
    this one and have around the same parts.

  8. why do u need a gaming laptop when u suck so much at gaming

  9. Please reply, will this be able to run Skyrim, Stranded Deep, and other
    major PC games.

  10. maaaan, my boy Batman got his ass whooped :/

  11. Dhaval Sakaria

    damn…Batman got raped

  12. I have one and i have a custom extended harddrive instaled on and mostly
    use it for computer programing the thing is amazing way better then my old

  13. Adeojo Kiibati

    Bro please you gotta answer this question___~this laptop or the y50

  14. I want to buy this laptop but not for gaming, just for regular office,
    youtube, photoshop tasks .. etc. How is the noise level generated by the
    fans? I’m looking for a really quiet laptop. Thanks in advance.

  15. FreezeFrostCraft

    The thing bad on it is it does not have alot of gb I would upgrade the gb
    higher then 256

  16. Is this laptop more powerful than an Xbox One and PS4? I really need to
    know please, thank you.

  17. Should i get msi or this thing

  18. That looks a little less than console quality on max. That’s great for a
    laptop, but I’d tone it down a bit, or send it to an external monitor.


    i have an acer and their not good quality at all . i use it for 3 years and
    now the hinge of laptop are now seriously bad . the hinges are same as acer
    nitro .

  20. Angelo Bartido

    That what gamer are after for, not flashy, don’t care for touch screen but
    the speed and its comfort with keyboard and wireless mouse or wired usb

  21. grzegorz boduszek

    IMO Acer is better than the Y50. Lenovo reduce turbo boost if the
    tempreture gets above 65 C to 2.5 ghz. THAT SUX! If your planning heavy
    rendering like i do Y50 is not the best choice. BTW Acer has mate IPS
    display so color reproduction i way better that the TN screen in lenovo. I
    have the same problem here Y50 or this one and i think i have already made
    my choice. Just hope it gets little bit cheaper in my country after xmas

  22. Thanks for the description which is convincing me that this is the laptop I
    want to get. 

  23. Conclusion… Deathstroke beat the shit out of you 🙂 5:25

  24. Should I get a Lenovo y70 instead of this? I use my laptop for school,
    gaming and video/photo editing. How’s the touchpad on this laptop for web
    browsing? That’s the only reason why I’m considering the y70 over this

  25. Hey man, I have a ASUS GL551 with a NON IPS screen. I know this one has an
    IPS. How many specific observations can you give me on the differences in
    the screen quality? Are the colors better? Is the screen more pleasant
    and easy to look at? My ASUS gives me slight headaches sometimes because
    of the screen and I don’t need that because my college major necessitates
    long paper writing. If you could answer this you’d be helping me out a
    ton, thank you!

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